I want to thank the brave men and women who give their time and sometimes their lives to protect me, my family and those of my neighbors and countrymen. No-one wants war less than those who have experienced it. We honor those brave individuals who risked and gave so much. Thanks, you are sincerely appreciated

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Clothing grading and pricing Policy

BDU's (Battle dress uniforms) in Woodland camouflage color. We have most sizes of Trousers (pants) and Jackets (shirts). Shirts range in price from $4.99 for quite faded thru $11.99 for brightly colored, like new pieces. Trousers range in price from $7.95 for quite faded thru $13.95 for brightly colored, like new pieces.

DCU's (Desert Combat Uniforms), in light tan Desert Camouflage colors. We have thousands, including many brand new pieces with the tags still on them. Shirts range in price from $4.99 for quite faded thru $12.99 for new pieces. Trousers range in price from $7.95 for quite faded thru $15.45 for brightly colored, like new pieces.

Please eMail giving us your shirt size (S, M, L) and your height for tops. Measure your waist and inseam (crotch to heel) for Trousers (bottoms) i.e. 32 x 34 like you would order jeans.

Mil Desert Camouflage Pack Cover. Great spare tire cover for SUV-Jeep or storage. $2.00
Mil Desert Camouflage armor Cover. Limited quantities. $4.00

Mil Desert Camouflage Helmet Covers. $1.

Mil Desert camouflage roll-up brimmed cloth BOONIE hats. New $4.95

Coverall, No Scent, Chemical Warfare,, - the scent proof coveralls that have become so popular with hunters and the paintball set. The material is two layer rip-stop Tyvek, the outer is medium green and the inner layer is chemical treated and black. They can safely be worn over the skin but over underclothes is the preferred method. Please advise height and weight and whether you prefer to wear them under or over your street clothing. Vacumm packed. Wet, then tumble dry before use. $5.99 Two for $9.95

Parka, Ski, White Camoflage, full length, tie waist,  hooded style with pocket access flaps. Cotton, Used $13.95 
                                                               matching white trousers available only in nylon, NEW $19.95

Sweater, Flyers, wool, very warm, many sizes available. advise shirt size. $8.95

Coveralls, Flyers, rip-stop nylon, medium green, full length with pockets. advise height and weight. Used, $5.95

Coveralls, Serviceman's, medium green, full length, Used, advise height and weight. Used, $3.95 

Parka, Extreme cold weather, medium green, can be used as a light parka, or with a liner over a jacket for extreme conditions. Medium, Used. $19.95   Liner for Parka or Trouser, Limited sizes are available, they tend to run large. $2.00 each

Hood, Extreme cold weather, for parkas, medium green, for extreme cold conditions, New. One size fits all. $4.95

Coat, all weather, full length dress, with removable liner, light tan color, New. $19.95

Shirt and tie, Marine, desert tan, short and long sleeve, many sizes, New.  $3.95/set

Trousers, Marine dress khaki. ask if we have your size by waist and inseam. i.e. 32 x 34 New  $8.95

Ski Poles, Snow, Ramer, White,  Self arrest grips, 42" - 62" extendable length.  $39.95 plus $8.95 S&H

Shoes, Marine dress, Leather, Low height, Gloss finish. Very limited quantities. Send needed size. New $14.95

Gloves, rubber, chemical resistant, black, 14" long no-drip cuff. Thin enough to pick up a penny from a smooth surface, yet tough enough for those messy jobs like gardening, auto parts cleaning and any other strong detergents, solvents or cleaners. Two pairs for $2, Medium and small sizes.

Shipping - First clothing item $6.95 or less, second piece and more are $3 each.
We base all of our S&H charges on actual costs, normally via UPS Ground.

Send order or inquiry via email.  Paypal  and most other forms of payment are accepted, including trades (wives excluded). Local pickup OK with prior approval. 
Most items are available on eBay Please contact us via email. We are busy during work hours and may not get to the phone.

Dick Wilson   cmdrdick42@yahoo.com   (352) 566-0622

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