Florida Wild Miniature Cherry Tomato
Everglades Currant Tomato

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The Florida Wild Miniature Cherry Tomato is actually smaller than and more delicious than most cherry tomatoes.
It is exceptionally suited for salads, because it's taste won't get drowned out by dressings.
This Tomato is about the same diameter as a dime coin. It keeps extremely well and can last for weeks after being picked.
However, proper handling is required. The fruit is durable while the flesh is not damaged.
Removal of the stem can cause the flesh to tear if not handled gently.
Once the flesh is torn, the fruit will go soft within a day.
The trick is to leave the clusters of fruit on the stems until ready to use.
In clusters, the fruit lasts as well as any tomato.

These are wild currant sized tomatoes that are found growing mainly in the Florida Everglades and south Florida. They grow almost all year in Florida and similar climates but can grow anywhere. They love the heat and humidity, are drought tolerant and resist most diseases and pests. This plant loves water and grows very rapidly under ideal conditions. A single plant of this tomato has grown to completely fill an 8' x 8' x 6' high space and it espaliers quite well if trimmed regularly. This is recommended for ease of harvest.

An interesting fact about the Everglades tomato is that it is a different species than our normal garden variety types.  While we normally grow Solanum lycopersicum, the Everglades tomato is Solanum pimpinellifolium, a wild type ancestor originating from Ecuador and Peru.  More commonly called a currant tomato due to its small size, this species is very durable and indeterminate – it grows at least twelve feet long/tall.

The Everglades tomato will hybridize with other species and is considered important in tomato breeding for disease resistance.  Otherwise, it has naturalized in places outside its range including the  Galápagos Islands and Florida.  You cannot find the seeds or plants at most local garden centers.  Propagation can also be performed with rooted cuttings directly from the plant.

One order can produce 40-60 plants.
$ 2.98 via US mail