Trap Door Snails

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Live Japanese Trapdoor snails
(Viviparis malleatus) -The Black Japanese Trapdoor snail is the preferred species of water gardeners in North America.
This snail is dark in color. The snails are shipped when they are about 1½" in diameter. The trapdoor snails are one of the larger varieties that can survive the winter in Northern climates.
This snail is great at getting algae under control as they groom the algae from your plants, planting pots and the sides of your water garden.
They also zip along the bottom of the pond and consume decaying matter such as leaves and excess fish food. They may climb on submerged plants, but will never eat anything live and green. Full grown snails can reach 2"-3" in size.
The Japanese Trapdoor Snail bears live young generally twice a year, and the number of young are limited to just a few. Young produced are far less than Ramshorn and most other snails which can lay thousands of eggs and overrun ponds or aquariums. Trapdoor snails eat algae and you can see where they have been by their cleared track lines across the algae. Trapdoor snails are a good addition to ponds where additional algae control is needed.

Trap door snails are normally sold to ship with pond plant orders of three or more live plant items (No additional S&H for snails included with plant order).
There will be an additional $20 packaging charge if snails are shipped alone due to the requirement for suitably large containers and Priority shipping. Add a minimum of $25 value (excluding shipping) of live plants to eliminate the need for the packaging charge.

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