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Accurate Sound AS 200A Engler Hour Meter
Accurate Sound AS 200A Kollmorgan PMI Motors Optical Encoder U9M4K/Opt
Accurate Sound AS 200A MDA Relay Board AS-101M/S-006000-03 2001340 2N6057 / 2N6050 Power TransistorS
Accurate Sound AS 200A MotherBoard 721-02 REV A SERVO PC Board
Accurate Sound AS 200A Motor, Spindle Drive AS-101 Minertia J Series J02M-AD11 007794-3 81.5 YASKAWA
Accurate Sound AS 200A Power Supply 2001300-04 85-146-075
Accurate Sound AS 200A Recording Head, Tape, High Speed, 1/4" 2 CH + ERASE
Accurate Sound AS-200AS Audio Reel TO Reel Tape Duplication Systems in Rack mount Cabinets (6)
Accurate Sound Fan Rotron Whisper 127P1290 WR2A1 115VAC 50-60HZ 4-11/16" X 1-1/2" (6)
Accurate Sound High Speed Tape Duplicating System Reproducer 1/4"X10" Reel to Reel

Audio tape reel Scotch 777 1/2" Reel 117V 400C
Ampex 197 3/4" U-MATIC BCS-20 VCR Cartridge Tape (50)
Ampex ACE ACEU Model 1430300 Mainframe Video Computer
Ampex ADO-100 6 FULL SlotS Digital Video 3D System 816-9024
Ampex ATM 13511 II Magnetic Tape transport
Ampex Audio System with limit set / shuttle cabinet Panel PN 1802824-04 REV L (7)
Ampex FR3030 1" ? Tape Deck in 7' Rack cabinet S/N S511254 W/Electronics
Ampex L500 188 Beta VCR Tape Cartridge (10)
Ampex Servo Control Systems (2) 796_9060
Amphenol 117 (5)

Amphenol 12S-3 Electrical connector 2 pin indexed male jack MS3102A12S-3, threaded 3/4" 4 screw mount (26ea) see Dictaphone
Amphenol 20-7S Electrical connector 8 pin indexed female jack MS3102A20-7S, threaded 1-1/4", 4 screw mount (26ea) see Dictaphone
Audio Video Control ADA-16, VSG-21, VDA-16, PDA-16 720_9713
Barco RCVDS 800 Video Switcher 10 Channel with 7 Channels populated, additional plug-in modules available (3) $100. each
Barcodata 2100LC 5 Port Video Projection System R9001078 S/N 1118674 S-Video 3 Port Audio LOC:INH(1)
CMS 1000 Audio Communication Spy Monitor / Recorder TransInstruments 816-9024
Logitech Z-640 M/N: S-0073A 70 watt Subwoofer Speaker
Nagra approved Quantegy 480 Low Print Audio Mastering Tape 1/4" x 600 feet  $5.95 plus S&H

Pioneer VSX-D608 Audio / Video Multi-media Receiver Controller
Marantz PMD201 PorTable Cassette Audio & Phone Line Recorder
Shure SR-105B Audio Power Amplifier Balanced XLR/1/4" Out 450W with carrying case (4)
Speaker, Audio, rackmount S-9903E 7 Channel RUD
Tape Ampex 197 BCS-20 U-Matic Pro Broadcast Videocassette tape NEW/Sealed/ 20 available
Tape EMTEC SM468 Audio Professional Recording 1/4" X 625' 5" Reel
Tape, Ten inch x One inch Magnasync Moviola Audio Recording New 3600' Sealed Reels.
Tape, Ten inch x One inch Scotch 3M 8614-1-3600-R134 84-9801-2477-4 Com logging tape New 3600' Sealed Reels.
Tape Quantegy 480 Low Print Audio Mastering Nagra 1/4" X 600' 5"Reel
Tape Quantegy 631 Professional Recording Audio 1/4" X 600' 5" Reel
Tape, Logger Recording 1" x 10-1/2" spools, once used ex military Dictaphone Dictatape $5 per spool
Tape Recorder Reel to Reel, Large, Telecom Voice
Tape Transort Assembly 460-129-001 New (3)
TCI Audio ICOM unit 7530 816-9012
Teac AD-4 CD+Cassette Deck S/N 80214592
Teac Tascam (Teac) 112 Cassette Recorder SN 561538 120VAC 60HZ 18W
Teac Tascam 122 MKII Audio Cassette Recorder
Teac Tascam AD-4 CD+Cassette Deck S/N 80214592
Teac V-1000 3/4" U-Matic AVTR 24V PorTable Airbourne Recorder (9)
Teac V-250G-FN Video Cassette Tape Recorder Reproducer 12350. (2)
TOA 500 Series Amplifier 5 Input A-512A
TOA 900 Series Amplifier 8 Input Audio M-900MK2 NO ModuleS (2)
TOA PorTable meeting Amplifier, Radio Cassette Player WA-620C W/Wireless Mic battery 110/220VAC 50/60HZ
Videotek APM-2RA Audio Monitor W/ Whitehouse Property Sticker
Videotek PDA-16 Audio
Videotek VSG-21 Audio


Agile-Omni MT-800ab Satellite Receiver C-Band, SBS-3, U Sat, Spacenet (2)
Agile 24S Satellite Video Receiver 3720-4180 MHz 24 channel, 6.2 MHz demod installed. 120vac 50/60Hz

Amiga Commodore A4000/040 Computer W/Video Toaster 4000 (6X BNC), P/S Loc stack A
Brittish telecom VC2300 Video Conferencing Signal Compression CodeC for Digital Transmission NTSC/PAL
GBC Video Switcher V1512 12 Port w/interval Timer Monitor 12 Cameras on one Monitor.
GE 9-9609 CCD Camcorder Full Size VHS Kit, camera, 1CVA430 charger, 8x autofocus lens, 2ea 12v batteries, case
Grass Valley CV-20 Video SwitchER 816-9024 Loc stack A

Grundig Electronic Wireless video Receiver 110-220vac 50/60Hz 5w 9.43429-1101 LE75 034G (1), 046G (3), 054G (1), 065G (2), 085G (1)
JVC BR-7700U VCR Video Cassette Recorder 120VAC 50/60HZ 68W S/N 08511131 816-7551 LOC:RUD(1)
JVC BR-8600U VHS VCR Video Cassette Recorder Editing Deck 120VAC 50/60HZ 68W LOC:RUD(1),GAR(1)
JVC BR-S 605UB S-VHS Video Cassette Tape Recorder 120VAC 50/60HZ SA-K27UA S/N 10912072 LOC:RUD(1)

JVC HR-S8000U Super DA 4 Head Digital Hi-Fi Stereo SVHS VCR Great video and Audio Signals $49.95
JVC R03/AAA/UM-4 Remote Control W/ HR-D660U VCR
JVC RM-86U Editing Controller unit, Dual Deck.
JVC RM-P51U Remote Control unit with long cord. Looks like Slide Projector Controller. (4)
JVC VCR HR-D660U with Remote Control R03/AAA/UM-4

Kodak SV7400 Still Video Recorder 2" floppy Disc SN C8MG00061 120VAC 50/60HZ NTSC Ext dub Sound SYNC
MAC, Inc High Speed Color Video Monitor
MAC, Inc HSV200 High Speed Video Recorder (3)

Mitek SPC-12T Video Switch 816-9024
Mitsubishi Diamond Pro BV-2000 SVHS VCR s/n 1201432

Mitsubishi Video Copy Processor P71U
Motorola Starpoint 23 Video Interface unit 7025012614396 Used (5)
NAC High Speed Video Recording Systems W/ Monitor + Remote (3)
PictureTel 520-0228-01 REV C System 4000 Keypad/Camera Control (1)
PictureTel 520-0464-01 Remote Controller, takes AAA Battery (9)
PictureTel Cables, S-Video/C-Box/E-Box, 180-0189-01, 185_0016-01 REV B, 510-0163-02 REV A, Ascend 2510-0093-001 (8)
PictureTel FlipCam 12V (4) Video Camera
PictureTel Keypad IR-1 Model 540-0182-01 REV A, REQ 4 EA AA BAT (6)
PictureTel LMLT BASE/Camera stand S/N 008435 (4)
PictureTel MIC-1 MicroPhone, Flat Dome Style (9)
PictureTel PTZ-1 Camera S/N H4056N REV G
PictureTel PTZ-2N 2 axis Remote Controllable Camera S/N P540-0058-03 F M013067 12V 1A (6)

Pioneer VSX-D608 Audio / Video Multi-media Receiver Controller
Proxima Multi-mode A480SC data display PC Projection Panel +-9VDC PS
Proxima Ovation soft carrying cases with divider and Pocket for Accessories 19" X 14" X 5" + Pocket

Racal SH2804 Recorder Reproducer 600VA 45-400HZ
RGB 1400A Videolink
Seiko Instruments 4 Channel CH-511S RGB Video Switch 100-240VAC 50/60HZ MPX, DSW, CONT 1-4
Sencore VA62 Universal Video Analyzer 6625011875516 794_8507 2900.
Sharp Video Scanner XG-50 Light Table, Camera, Video Memory, with Manual FR/ENGL
Sharp XA-110 VHS VCR 14 Day 4 Program 110 Channel $14.95
Sharp XG-50 NTSC Color Video Scanner  Copy stand with live video. Camera rotates to scan from wall. 120vac 60Hz

Silicon Graphics Video Creator VC SCSI Computer RGB NTSC Sync RS422 GenLoc YC Video 115-230VAC
SL-HF350 Video 767-3107
Standard Agile-Omni MT-800ab Satellite Receiver C-Band, SBS-3, U Sat, Spacenet (2)
Standard Agile 24S Satellite Video Receiver 3720-4180 MHz 24 channel, 6.2 MHz demod installed. 120vac 50/60Hz

VHS High Speed Video(1)HSV200 SN 793-098 886_3468
Video Amplifier Splitter MIL SPEC 1-IN/7-OUT P/N 1882AS700 DA 30003 REQ 4 Pin Proprietary AC Cable (7)
Video Switchbox 3M 101VRT-SW (2) 816_5122
Video Switchbox RT-SW (2) 816-5122
Videotek PDA-16 Audio
VideoTek RGB-1 local Chroma Keyer, Remote Port, sync, key out
Videotek VM-17PR Monitor
VII Signal source 1203 Multirate TV Test Pattern Generator W/ Sync source 1303A Quad Rate TV Sync Gen Instrument
VII TV Test Pattern Generator 1203DH Signal source Multirate W/ Wavetek 1801C-50 in huge travel case
Visdaq 3200 Video Chart Recorder
VP8 Video Analyzer SN 102A in Working condition. Used to analyze the "Shroud of Turin".




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