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Please check our eBay listings as we have very limited quantities of many of these small items.

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We have a ton of miscellaneous cables and wiring.
If you don't see what you are looking for, we may have a cable available that is bundled with a piece of electronic gear of that same brand.

Camera Cables
Cable 7 Pin to 7 Pin Sony type Twist-Lock (two available)
Cable_10_Pin_to_10_Pin_M-F    Panasonic type 50' length (3 available)
Video Cable 14 Pin Pushlock to RCA and Miniplug
Video Cable 14 pin to 28 pin Twist Locks

Computer Cables
Cable, CAT5 Ethernet 6' (75)
Cable, SCSI 50 Pin Mini Male to SCSI 50 Pin Mini Male in PCMCIA Kit

Ethernet Cable CAT 5 UTP Golden Bridge 61545-04 REV B 568-A 6 Foot length

Coleman 8000 Mighty Boost Auto Jumper Cables 10' 10 GAUGE

Unknown Cables by ID number
AT&T Lucent Cable 152508134-001 Rev A LR56498 30A 125V M/F
Cable Assembly, MIL Spec, NSN 5995011953712
Cable Assy 01-105-2820 p/n 251941-001 A-19P2 A-19J2
Cable, Black Box, EHN282-0020 20' Universal CPU, DB25M TO Video, Mouse and keyboard
Electronic Specialty TR-153A Test Set with Cables in hard case. 6760008648339 886_2552 20,000.
Misc Cables 4B5356, 4B5354, 454173-000 EK6C7042, EK6C7041, 530-2453-02 (2 ea)
Test Harness, Flapping LVDT Test Cable 901-092-170-101 see W00019-85-C-0145 V22-05D-Q7-1 Vertol
Test Harness, Left Hand Nacelle Position SENSOR Cable 901-092-171-101 901-205-900-101 V22-05D-Q7-1
Test Harness, Right Hand Nacelle Position SENSOR Cable 901-092-172-101 901-205-900-101 V22-05D-Q7-1

AN/PSM 64 Program Set, Expansion Cards, Disks, Cables, Carrying case 1285_7315
AN/PSM 87 Program Set, Expansion Cards, Disks, Cables, Carrying case, Manuals 1285_7292 1285_7302 (2)
AN/PSM 89 Program Set, Expansion Cards, Disks, Cables, Carrying case, Manuals 1285_7314

Test Set Module TR153A 6RX6760-00-071-3988-MF 6760008648339 STEEL case, Cannon/DB CableS LOC:C28(1)
Test Set, Electronic, CableS, 4920003496017 KT-319146, KT-421517-1 Thru 15 Hard case 12 X 10-1/2 X 6



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