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CmdrDick's Computer Stuff   
  I T E M S :

CPU 650 MHz Slot "a" aMD K7650MTR51B athlon Processor w/fan
CPU Intel Celeron 1300/256/100/1.5 SLSVR PGa370 + fan
LG CRN-8240B CD-ROM Drive 24x slimline internal
LG CRN-8240B CD-ROM Drive 24x slimline internal
IBM 84G3074 Floppy Drive THINKPaD 355 360 750 755 760
IBM 84G3074 Floppy Drive THINKPaD 355 360 750 755 760
Mitsubishi 1.44MB Floppy Drive MF355H-333MC Compaq M700
IBM THINKPaD DVD-ROM DRIVE FOR 770 type 05K9065 05K9066
IBM Teac Internal CD-ROM 2X Drive CD40E 85G1914 84G6361
Dell Inspiron 7000 7500 CD-ROM/1.44 Floppy Drive 7274R
Dell Inspiron 7000 7500 4X DVD Floppy Combo Drive 2024P
Gateway DVD-Rom & Floppy Drive Combo 5500742
Gateway DVD-Rom SuperDisk 120MB Combo Drive 5500907
Gateway DVD-Rom SuperDisk 120MB Drive 5500652 SR-8171C
add-in Memory card 1 mb from Ricoh FaX 3500
Motherboard, Desktop, Microstar Slot-1, MS-6182 ver 1, i810 based, no CPU
Motherboard, Desktop, FIC SD11, 650Mhz aMD athlon Slot "a" CPU
Motherboard, Desktop, acer V75M, Socket 7, CPU + fan
Motherboard, Desktop, aSUS P3C-LS, Slot 1, SCSI aIS-7892B, PIII 933/256/133 CPU/Fan
Motherboard, Desktop, QDI P51430VX-250DM Explorer II, Socket 7, Intel chipset, no cpu, manual
Motherboard, Desktop,
TR100 Loretto 278636-002 PGa370, Intel 815E Chipset
Motherboard, Desktop, Intel Endeavor, Socket 5, CPU/fan, Cache card, RaM
Motherboard, Desktop, Intel Dakota DK-440LX, Dual UW SCSI 7895P, Dual PII-333 CPU/fans, manual

We have hundreds of old working computer hard drives, power supplies, CD-Rom drives, cards, etc. Please call for availability and a great price on these electronics items



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