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We are a liquidator of small businesses. We specialize in Electronic Test Instruments, but get lots of stuff including Tools, Equipment, Audio, Video, Military Surplus and who knows what. Check back often to see our new offerings.

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Electronic, Video, Audio, Test Equipment & Miscellaneous

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We are digging thru three remote ocean containers that hold items that we were too busy to deal with when they arrived.
They have been out there in dry storage for several years, and the digging is slow going. Many items are new to this list.

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Sony U-Matic 5000 7000 9000 Series Belt Repair Kits
Gateway Dock power supply DPS-200PB-57 G (4) $10
Kodak SV-7400 Microfloppy Still Video Recorder
Thru Hill fittings 1-1/2" diameter (8) $3.50
Chevy 350 small/big block 8 quart oilpan pickup. Deep reach pickup for large capacity oil pans New $15
Air Compressor 24vdc NSN 7310014624899 Bx091601
Transformer Sony Coffe Can style 1-446-883-11 TAM 4J231 with S4X111 "Primary Circuit" Card
Transformer HP 9100-3302
Transformer, Torroidal, 6" diameter x 2" thick heavy winding .4 Ohm across the only two wires
Transformer, Input 100, 115, 200, 230, Output 115vac 1000WV Bx 091501, 091502
Guage Set 0-500psi -30 to 120# AC Service
NIDA parts 130/130A 68# bx090316, 12404
Pinnacle model 1/2 Refrigerant Recovery system reduced to parts
   Dalycontrol MDI-02-IMR, 11P0001, MDI-005-2, MDI-002-13, MDI-02-2MR, MDI-110
  Compressor, Italy, T6213A 133DG20 9.3FLA 36LRA 115vac R12/R22/R500/R502
  Sporlan MKC-IS valve 500psi M.O.P.D. type 300 120vac
  Alco W9215 HF1FC Pressure relief valve/sensor
  Condenser 10 rows 1/4" copper, Fan 4M073A 115vac
Verilink Dual 48vdc Power Supplies rack mount each rated 120vac 4.0A model 5104-10 305-010250-002 rev B (2)
Cabletron Hubstack SEHI-24 10BaseT Hub 24 port with lanview and EPIM Fiber ports reduced to parts 9/8/16 (3)
Cabletron MT-800 reduced to parts 9/08/16 (3) bx91303
Cabletron FR-3000 reduced to parts 9/8/16 (1)
Panasonic AG-7350, clean untested
Superior Pump model 93501 4800 gph 1/2HP new
Bancomm BC M80T, analog video tape controller with built-in monitor bx91303
BT VC2300 Video Codec VTH400000 7khz audio, x21/35, rs449, RGB, 115/230 50/60Hz
Computer Products Power Supply NFN40-7636E 100-240vac 5v/5v/12vdc from SEHI-24 hubstack (3)
SM-1000 Door controller and keypad
GRIP #28770 3000# 12vdc ATV winch w/50' 3/16" cable + remote new
Sony MVR-5500A Micro Floppy Disc recorder 120vac tested good
Ambernet Cluster Hub R12 12 port, R18 18 port, req 16-40v power supply
Datum 9520-100 Time Display
3M Bridging video/audio switcher 10 channel rack mount
Panasonic WV-388P Camera Control unit
Panasonic WV-CD122 CCTV power supply for WV-CD121 cameras
Panasonic AG-5210 VHS VCR, Panasonic AG-5700 SVHS VCR, Floppy Drive 64F4148 IBM model 57 (3) bx71604
Panasonic AG-7400 SVHS (2) bx71606
Sony SVT-124 Security Time Lapse Recorder (2) bx71605
Video Splitter 8 way, MIL grade 1882AS700 mfg 02387 30003 assy in solid aluminum housing 1569AS720, 703, 712, 710
Adtech Power Control board AP41-145C for Whittaker 0-50vdc 20A power supply
Newport Quanta panel mount DC Amp & Volt meters
American Dynamics AD1651BR microcomputer control system 120vac 32 camera, 6 monitor, Ethernet, J1 expansion, animal testing
Wheel Bearing removal system 66829 incl full set of front wheel adapters
Milwaukee Sawzall #6507 in case w/manual used working
Panasonic DBS Digital Business Telephone System with two main controllers and 44 series phones from bankrupt corporate facility
Associated Research Vibrotest Model 2850 Megohm Unit with Meter
FALK 4F Rotary Element rotor/dual impellor assy 4320001368663 p/n 52-425-851-601 NEW with "F" steelflex coupling and grid assy bx92401
Intex CS8110 Krystal Clear Saltwater System pool salt chlorine generator
Avocent Autoview200 8 port KVM switch w/500' distance capability
HP 3586B Selective Level Meter AN/USM-490 100/120/220/240vac options 001, 003, 004, C01, HPIB
Hekiman Labs 3900 series Communications Test System with 3980 CRT Waveform Monitor, 3901, 3913, 3926, 3911, 3912 plugins sweep gen 105-260vac
HP keyboard NEW mainframe 46021A (1)
Optron keyboard NEW mainframe 101-5010 (5)
Sony EVP-320 Video8 player, EV-C100 HI8 VCR, UR-01 U-matic power supply bx71607
Sony VO-6800, BVU-150 bx71608, 71609,71611
Bernoulli, LS120, Floppy, CD-R, JAZ NEW discs bx71642
Engine head CC'ing kit for measuring volume of cylinder head area to compute compression bx70216
Ricoh Copier A2035eG reduced to parts bx72419
Pond Air Turbine, 120vac, NEW bx72402


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Live, Aquatic, Garden, Pond plants. Many different types available from April -October
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Shipping Boxes and metal Containers
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Tape, recording, see U-Matic, reel to reel, etc.
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Test Equipment, Oscilloscopes, Probes
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Alphabetical Listing
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3Com Multi-connect Repeater 3C588 S/N 3AL04327 CN8311 16 Slot (5 populated 1-Power,4-Partition)
3M Brand Bridging Video Switcher
AAK Corp MT155-25 Regulated Power Supply with Force 2556T/R Fiber Optic Receiver/Transmitter ModuleS
AccuChart Gould 3800 11-2985-503 B72 15" 8 Channel Chart paper 20333573  6383471 2270351 (14) 2 ea 656 foot per carton $10
Accurate Sound AS 200A Engler Hour Meter
Accurate Sound AS 200A Kollmorgan PMI Motors Optical Encoder U9M4K/Opt
Accurate Sound AS 200A MDA Relay Board AS-101M/S-006000-03 2001340 2N6057 / 2N6050 Power TransistorS
Accurate Sound AS 200A MotherBoard 721-02 REV A SERVO PC Board
Accurate Sound AS 200A Motor, Spindle Drive AS-101 Minertia J Series J02M-AD11 007794-3 81.5 YASKAWA
Accurate Sound AS 200A Power Supply 2001300-04 85-146-075
Accurate Sound AS 200A Recording Head, Tape, High Speed, 1/4" 2 CH + ERASE
Accurate Sound AS-200AS Audio Reel TO Reel Tape Duplication Systems in Rack mount Cabinets (6)
Accurate Sound Fan Rotron Whisper 127P1290 WR2A1 115VAC 50-60HZ 4-11/16" X 1-1/2" (6)
Accurate Sound High Speed Tape Duplicating System Reproducer 1/4"X10" Reel to Reel
Acopian 18EB40 AC to DC Module with Force 2556TB-SM-3 Fiber Optic Transmitter/Receiver ModuleS
Acopian TD15-160 Op-Amp Dual Power Supply 6130011638834 (3)
Acromatic 5122 Display Terminal 796_8301
Adapter DB37 M/M 37 Pin
Adapter, Null Modem, Tandy DB25 M TO F
ADC Air Dry Corp of America Model 10287-51-1 Humidity Alarm-30F Dewpoint at 80 PSIG 6350011412776
Addtron 16 Port 10Base-T Hub AUI BNC CONX REQ 12V/1.2A Power SP
Aerodyne Controllers (20) 796_9004
Air Brad Nailer, 18 Gauge, takes 3/8" thru 1-3/16" Standard "B" Brads. needs 55-95 PSI, 1/4" NPT, #1390 New boxed, $24.95

updated thru this line

AIL Noise source Control unit type 81 MOD NOISE Standard Current Control 0-300MA PN 230773 SN 222, 2
Air Velocity Meter 6680004100575 816-4006
Airbus A-320 15" Model on stand in Airbus Colors A320
AKAI HX-R44 Cassette Recorder 816-9024
Alarm, Fire Monaco Enterprises Vulcan I Fire Alarm Control Panel 001-122-00 New
Alarm, Fire Monaco RT-100-12 ire Remote Transmitter Supervisory Interface Panel P/N 750-200-00 12VDC
Alaska tanned fox hides, Natural, Cross, Black 2109765789 (3) $75. each
Pond Algae Gathering Device Portable battery operated device gathers Pond String Algae rapidly.
Alphanumeric Flourescent Display 40 digit 03601-20-040
American Dynamics AD1651BR MicroComputer Control System P63891-0615
Amiga Commodore A4000/040 Computer W/Video Toaster 4000 (6X BNC), P/S Loc stack A
Amino Aminet103 STB Set Top Box New factory sealed packages $49.95
AMP Coaxial Active Tap Kit 228752
Ampex Ace Turbo Video Controller
Amprobe RS-3 High Voltage / High Amperage Meter $14.95 Amprobe RS-3 Meter
Analog Model 16X Recorder 5835013919526 816-5131
Angiogram Projection Systems Cine CAP-35B reduced to parts Dec 2010
AN/PSM-87 APS Application Program Set including Adapter Cards, Manual etc 6625013904341 (2)
AN/URM-26C SG-117A  Signal Generator
Signal generator 20-200,000 HZ 115VAC 50-420HZ in hard case 6625007835965
AN/USM-465B Digital Card Tester complete System w/Accessories incl tapes, Adapter Cards, probes, Manual etc. 6625012246054 (2)
Answering Machine, New, GE 29878GE1 Fully Digital messaging System with Remote options. $14.95 + S&H
Aosafety EAR Protector Muff Headsets (20)
APC UPS see UPS Uninteruptible Power Supply
Apple Macintosh Powerbook AC Adapter M5140 (APS-200) 100-240vac 50/60Hz 7.5vdc 2A for M1506, 3050, 3052, 5409, 5416
Apple Macintosh Powerbook 140/170 Battery ReCharger M3050
ARBOR Systems Ambernet cluster hub R-18 (5), R-12 (5), RE-20 (1), reduced to parts Dec 2010
Ascend MB-T1-STD T1 Dual Host Multiband CTRLR ISDN Modem NX56 RS366
AT&T 1100CAT5 24 Jack CAT 5 rackmount Panel EIA-T568B WIRING 1-3/4"H X 19" WIDE
AT&T Lucent Cable 152508134-001 Rev A LR56498 30A 125V M/F
AT&T Spirit CS308A1 Controller and CS616A1 Extension reduced to parts Dec 2010
Atlantic Research 926-1-1 Comstate II Interview with Magnetic Tape Recorder 115/230V 896_0526 (2) LOC:RUD $150.00
AUL InstrumentS ME-30 F/U L1256 R.M.S. VoltMeter .001 to 300v scales 6625004209354 GA$ 470 Sell $15/Each 1152_8526+
AutoGraphix L0060 / L10060 RG1-1394 Laser Printer parts common to HP Laser Printers
Axiohm NCR Slip Printer POS Slip Printer $49.95
B+K Precision Maxtech 4017 10 MHz Digital Sweep Function Generator
Ballantine SG-1168 A/U 6310A Test Oscillator MOD 915 SN 0778A 6625-01-130-0463 100-240VAC 50-400HZ
Barber Coleman TP-302-0-0-1 Sensor, humidity + AT-208BULB mount Kit
Basler Electric BE1-27 Solid State Under Voltage protective relay BE1-27/59 Solid State Under/Over Voltage protective relay
Bay Networks Bay Stack 28200 Ethernet Switch MDA1 Fiber Module, MDA2 8X Ethernet, MDA3 2X, 816-9
Belkin F1U115E AS-2000  Compact parallel autoswitch for printers $15.95
Bertan 2740 1KV High Voltage Power Supply  
BETA Systems EMD Liquid Dispensing Pump 50GPM @ 60' Head, DC Motor
Better Packaging 555S Packaging Tape dispensing Machine. $350.00
Biosonics model 101 Echo Sounders $199.
BK Precision 1660 Triple Output Power Supply
Board, Computer RAM Memory Core 7025010160411VN 7128082+00 NIB 6921. (2)
Board, Computer Subsystem 7021013147503 NIB 2310.
Board, Electronic Subsystem 7021011122049 NIB 321.95
Board, Sample and Hold, 6605LLS001470 8P6605-LL-S001470 N00024-81-G-4000, NH41 FSCM 37695,  P/N 3001584-901
Bolt Puller Kit, Contains 46 pieces enable you to pull steering wheels, harmonic balancers, Gears, Pulleys. New Boxed, 6 pounds #0839 $11.99
Boonton 8200-S/10 Spectrum Modulation Analyzer 100-240VAC 50-400HZ (2) 875_0573 10,378.00
Boonton Electronics MDL S 886_3016 52.
Boonton Grid DIP Meter, Model 101-B Indicator unit
Booster Transformer 15% rated 15A 1800 VA TODD IBT-150  $14.95
Brother IntelliFAX 1250
Brother IntelliFAX 1270 Complete
Brother IntelliFAX 2500ML
Brother IntelliFAX 620 for parts
Brush holder, Electric Contact A007078225 5977001655898 SP0400-00-V-1611
Bumper Sticker "My 18 Wheeler is a Boeing 747"  $ 4.95
Buehler Fibrmet Portable Fiber Optic Cable Polishers PN 693000160 (2)
Burle 8112B Video Switcher 12 channel BNC
Buzzer Sonalert (Mallory) SC628 28vdc fits 1-1/8 round hole x 1-3/4" deep see Dictaphone (30)
C. Itoh C-815 24 Pin Impact Dot Matrix Printer 400 CPS 6 Page forms
Cabletron ESX-1320 MultiPort Ethernet Switch 816-9012 - Loc stack A
Cabletron FR-3000 Fiberoptic Repeater 1EEE 802.3 with Lanview
Cabletron M8PSM Power Supply multi-Voltage Zytec 22915800 rev K 6130014243676 (2)
Cabletron MMAC-M8FNB Multi-media Access CTR Ethernet+48X 10 BASE T
Cabletron MR9T-E 802.3 10Base-T/EPIM MultiI Port Repeater X8 Lanview
Cabletron MT-800 Multiport Transceiver with lanview(4)
Cabletron SEHI-22 Hubstack 10BASET Hub with Lanview EPIM 12 Port (8) $25.
Cabletron SEHI-24 Hubstack 10BASE-T with Lanview 24 Port Ethernet
Canon Multipass 1000 Print / FAX
Capacitor, Large Cannistor, 4400MFD 20VDC, (2EA) 31000MFD 50VDC, 80000MFD 15VDC
Capacitor, GE73 V130LA10A (50ea) see Dictaphone
Capewell "K" Parachute harness release $9.90/ea
Caplugs C-14 NEW to cap 1-1/8" thread
MS90376-18, NAS-813-18, MS25178-18, MS25178D 26,000 pieces available
Caplugs #1120 to plug 7.750" hole 115 pieces avail NEW Perfect 15 pounds 22" x 22" x 40" $99.95
Caramate 4000 PorTable slide projection System displays Internal, External, screen, wall. Audio System and Remote Control. $99
Cardinal 6600-50 Digital Scale 896_6301
Cardinal Detecto Division 6600-50 Scale 50# Rating X .01LB S/N 9201-37 B 12VDC/.3A USE B-710 P/S
CCA Tone Generator Frequency Supply Card
CFC-12 Refrigerant Recovery System R-12-22-500-502 (3) 774-8202 several other ypes available
Charger Camcorder Battery, Base CPS126 REV C DC Input 10-15VDC + Center Single prong Plug (39)
Charger Car lighter socket to single point Adapter Plug (51)
Charger CPS126 6V Camcorder Battery 8MM VHS-C NIMH NICD W/CAR ADAPT
Charger, Camcorder Battery 8MM, VHS-C CPS-126 3 PC Kit Charger BASE + Power Supply + Car Adapter
Charger, Cellphone, GE 19B801506P11 for Battery 19A 704850 704860 8.5VDC
Chipcom 5017C-325 Online system Concentrator Trichannel Archetecture with load sharing dual 5017PS-325 supplies

Chipcom 5017C plug-ins 5101M-MGT, 5000M-RCTL, 5103M-AUIM, 5102M-AUIF, 5104M-FLI, 5104M-FL
Christmas Collection 10 beautiful tree ornaments, Highly detailed, all different, 3-4 inches long. $9.95 plus $4.95 S&H
Circuit Board Reader (4) MultiI Board Wire Wrap
Circuit Breaker W28-XQ1A-5 50v 5A (90) see Dictaphone
CMC 881A, 814A Digital Counter Readout 816-9705
Coast Plaque, Inc Wood Plaque, Brown Walnut finish 9" x 12" #16P w/black edges 9905P0024582805 New (29)
Codewriter 4102 PorTable Thermal Transfer BarCode Printer 4.1", Graphics, 9 Fonts, RS-232, W/ BH-41 NICD 12V 1200mAh BAT (6)
Codex UDS Motorola D56 RM16M SA NetWork Modem $49.   D56 RM16M
Coherant Voicecrafter 2000, REV A-A9
Cohu 2850C Environmental Camera Image Tube 4532U Fujinon TV Lens 1:1.8/8MM CF8A 6"X18"X.230 Housing
Cohu 2850C-202 Environmental Camera Image tube 4532U Fujinon TV Zoom 1:1.8/16-160MM C10X16 9V 6"X25"
Cohu 8215-1000/0000 High perf Color CCD Camera s/n 196136 w/ Fujinon 1:1.2/6mm DF6B-snd4-1 Lens
Cohu 6-1/4" x 17" pressurized Camera Housing 583600lsn0000
Cohu CCD Video Environmental Camera w/Board 8331021 8331711 1152_8047
Com Multi-Connect Repeater 816-9012
Communications Logging Tape reel to reel 1" X 3600' (55)
Compass, Magnetic, LCD Display, KVH Industries 72197-020621 6 Pin Cannon Plug Dimmer,NAV,TRK,SET CRS
Computer Sub-Assembly 7021013152943 (2)
Compressor, Air, Speedy-Sprayer 1/3HP 1725RPM 115vac 60Hz 8.5A 1P s/n 316P189
Compute-A-Sign DV-9034R AC Power Supply 9V 3.4A
Comstate Interview II INT-926-1-1 Atlantic Research Monitor Data Test Set Analyzer, Serial communication Monitor with tape Drive. $175.
Comtech PST Control, Refrigeration, NSN 5895010105077 Sealed unit (1)
Control - Monitor Unit C-10407_V_5-G pn 7611634-90 TM T.O. 3159-2G-201  reduced to parts May 2011
Converter, Frequency, CV-1921A/USM-207/CP-814A USED (2)
Copiers, printers, scanners, toner, cartridges, printing supplies, parts and manuals.
Corcom EMI Filter 6VSK7 120/250vac 5A 50/60Hz (26ea) accepts std electronic type ac cord
Coulbourn Instruments Power Supply minus 28V 774-
Crown PCC-160 Phase Coherant Cardioid MicroPhone, from Video conferencing system
CRT Tektronix Oscilloscope 5-1/4" 154-0478-00 T5470-31-2 in 337-620 shield used (1) $20
Cru-Data Port IV Drive Slot Adapter (30)
CSA Model 810-154-02 154 LR34789 DUAL Charger for 810-156 Battery (20)
CTS Current Monitor Plug-IN (4)
Cutout Tool Kit. The #2159 CutOut Tool makes fast Work of opening walls or Panels. New, boxed, prime stock. (6) Six pounds $24.95
Cypher Lock Electronic Control Box Model S $15.00 (4)  Cypher Lock S
D-Link DE-1000 12 Port RJ-45 Ethernet network hub daisychain Ports 90-250VAC 50/60HZ
Danka OmniFAX MFP350, L630 (2)
Datacom NCAA Compatibility Box RS232 (1)
DataPulse 101 Pulse Generator PN 37000 424 SN 105783 Systron Donner
Datel DM3100B 3-1/2 Digit 3/4" Digital Panel Instrument NSN 5980012159110 $49.00 (2) DATEL Panel Meter
Datum 9100-797 Countdown Clock / Timer $59.95
Datum 9110S Time Code Generator s/n 833 Used
Datum 9200-204 Model TAC 502 DAYS, HourS, MIN, SEC (4) in 19" RACKS
Datum 9200-7159 Time Code Translator (6) $50.00
Datum 9300-631 SN 336 Time Code Generator
Datum 9300-7330 SN 6415 Time Code Generator
Datum 9310-7191 Time Code Generator / Translator SN 1198
Datum 9390-700 Brand New Sealed Synchronized Time Code Generator NSN 6645012869872 w/installation Kit and Manual. 1285_7517
Datum 9520-100 Time Display (11) $25.00
Decade Voltage Divider GenRad 1455-A 4 stage 230volt 10k ohm in N440 sensitivity computer
Dekabox DB62 Decade Resistor 10 OHM TO 11,111,100 OHMS
Desk Extension Mount, Heavy Duty, 15-1/8" extension, Suspend 100+ pounds. Heavy steel construction
Dictaphone 5208 24vdc Power Supply (1) p/n 423450 Reduced 30 units to parts. All internal parts available.
Diesel Engines Yanmar Model L48AE-DEGMR Single cylinder 4.2HP 3.5kW (1)
Distaphone 5208 includes 60 Power Supplies, jacks, Circuit breaker W28-XQ1A-5, Motorola MBR4040 (90), Corcom 6VSK7 EMI Filter
Digi-Data Corp 2112-120-T Reel TO Reel Tape Recorder 583600LSN8312
Digitech Data 2182-03 Digital Data Test Signal Generator s/n 707 6625010827752 Data Industries 1389_8043
Diode Motorola MBR4040 Power Diode 8b19(8819) (90ea) see Dictaphone
Dillon Model X Force Gauge s/n D0331969 plus or minus 2000 pound capacity
Directional Tap, Video, New, 550MHz 4 way feed thru SS CA-2014/T.30db (1000), 25db(600), 20db(400), 15db(175) RMS Electronics
Disk Assy 7025012764722 (2)
Display, OptoElectronic Datel DM3100B 4 Character line 1.000-1999 (3 EA)
Distortion Measurement System  Sound Technology 1700B
Docking Station, Laptop, Gateway Solo, HP F1098B p/n 8001769 (9)
Draeger Extension hose 42" long Draeger R21034 09700
Drake ESR 1240E 1249E Earth Station Satellite Receiver 220-240VAC S/N 2D62020133 950-1750 MHz Input
Drive Shaft, Splined, Stainless Steel Outboard Marine / Johnson Motors PN 328316 Approx 24" long
Dual LNB RCA DLNB2 Universal SK Series upgrades your disk for feeds to two DBS Receivers
Dummy Load. DA-174/GRM-10 Radio Freq Amp Meter 0-10A 6625012614505 678_6300 bubble wrapped
Duplikin C18604 Bayonet mount slide Copier, track mounted
Dynascan Corp 820 BK Precision CAPACITANCE Meter S/N 90-22641 NSN 6625010875513TG
Dynascan Corp B&K 1248 Digital I.C. Color Generator 105-125VAC 60HZ
Elmo HP-4K DX Projector $50  see Proxima A480SC data
EL Instruments Elite 2 Breadboard System with Function & Pulse Generators, P/S (1)
EL Instruments Elite 3 Circuit Design Test Systyem (1)
Eagle Picher Battery case, lower BHT p/n 214-175-380-10 NiCd Cell p/n 18164 New (3)
EPDM Liner 45 mil numerous cutoff pieces left over from pond installs. $.40 cents per square foot.
Ear Protection - Ear Muffs - Hunting, Shooting, 23db noise reduction. New  Model DL43768  $8.95
ECS K7S5A Computer Motherboard, CPU Cooler socket 462
ECS NFORCE3-A Computer Motherboard
Edsyn 1036-PS542 Atmoscope SMT Hot air rework Station, vacuum & pressure air, used with filter and pencil tip tool. $199.95

Edsyn 1036-PS542 Atmoscope SMT Hot air rework Station, vacuum & pressure air, used older model with pencil tip tool. $169.95
Edsyn 971 Soldering Station, used with pencil tip tool. $59.95
E-LEAD QUICK-IN Universal Hands Free cellphone car mount Model EL-515B for Motorola PhoneS
E. F. Johnson Clearchannel LTR Mobile Radio model 8700D 12vdc
Exabyte EXB-8500 Tape Backup Drive SN 2108929
EG&G LAS 235 1-10670 MOD4 DR-1600 1/2" Data Tape Recorder 10113A100-307 6610011437914CX 6 Track Reel
EG&G type 285 Dual Channel Camera / Strobe Control unit S/N #8 1150_8011 $ 75.00
EIP Microwave Model 451 451CCN1004P1P2P5VII (5)   MicroWAVE Pulse Counter 6625010440254RH  $149.
Elapsed Time Indicator, Haydon, Elapsed Time P/N K19603-B4 115V 60HZ 1W see 6645003642035SP Interstate Electronics
Elapsed Time Indicator Model ED7212A2 Talley Industrial Controls 120vac 60hz 2.5watts
Elapsed Time Meter/Indicator, Recording,
Industrial Timer Corp. Part number ED7212A2
Electrohome Data Switcher 8 ch, 12ch capable. 38-800410-92  120-240vac 50/60Hz RGB, H&V Sync
Electro ImPulse RU-400 39343 20KW Refrigerated Liquid Cooling Systems for heat removal from most types of liquid cored equipment.
Electronic Measurement Instrument, Calibrator, Digital NSN 662500R103834
Electronic Specialty TR-153A Test Set with Cables in hard case. 6760008648339 886_2552 20,000.
Electro-Voice 664A Dynamic Super Cardioid Dual-Z MicroPhone ON 423A STAND WITH MALE XLR Port.
Elite 2 Circuit Board Design and Test System
Elite 3 Circuit Board Design and Test System
Elmo HP-4K DX OverHead Projector with soft case Very Compact and well made.
Emergency Exit Light NSN 6220-00-370-5447 Grimes 44910-5 REV AF
Emerson EWV401A VCR Recorder DA-19 micron 4 head transport
EMI Filter Corcom 6VSK7 120/250vac 5A 50/60Hz (26ea) see Dictaphone accepts std type electronic ac cord
ENDEVCO 27408 SHOCK Amplifier  (2) $149.
Engine, Yanmar Diesel Model L48AE-DEGMR Single cylinder 4.2HP 3.5kW (4)
Engler 120 Volt AC Hour Meter. 1/4" High easy read Digits. Engler Hour Meter  Engler Hour Meter
EOD FOL allows Transmission OF 4 CH Analog SignalS in ElectricalLY Noisy Environments EMP/EMC.
EOD Sentry 1000 FOL Fiber Optic Link PPM 4 Channel Fibre Transceiver FOL/RF Out. 1GHz 1300NM Laser
Erickson GE Universal rapid multi-charger 344A3072P8 120-230VAC 50/60HZ, Output 9V 1.9A X 6 BAYS
Esselte Meto Checkpoint EMR3 Ultra Resin ribbon 1.3 X 900 M5000 (2)
Ethernet Cable CAT 5 UTP Golden Bridge 61545-04 REV B 568-A 6 Foot length
Evertite cap and flame arrestor assembly, vent. (49234) EX1333B 2D Female coupling on one end. 14" overall.
Exabyte 8505XLS Tape Drive HH CTS 6625000486893 S/N 6770342
Executive Dream 43 foot long Fifth Wheel Travel Vacation Trailer by ATS
Extender Card, 6" Riser, 62 PinS ON .145 Spacing 2 X 32 HeadER 8045 CDC 94243401 5999010583574JZ
Extension Desk Mount, Heavy Duty, 15-1/8" extension, Suspend 100+ pounds. Heavy steel construction
Extreme Cold Weather Hood OG-107 W/ FUR Fringed Ruff NSN 8415007823004 8415-00-782-3004 New $2ea/case/25
Extron SW2 AR RGBS 200 MHz Switcher W/PD-9500 9VDC 500MW AC Adapter
Extron System 8 WideBand Switcher ER7715 Config for Ampro (2)
Fan, (See Muffin Fans) hundreds of fans in stock from tiny to 10" diameter, dc and ac styles, used, most removed from hi-tech test equipment..
Fanon T909 5 Watt 6 CH 2 Way Radio (2)
FBII Fire Burglary Instruments Inc 6805 LCD based Keypad  $30
Felins Loop 1000 / Loop Plus Plastic Strapping Machines (2) One reduced to parts 11/2006 includes complete loop assy, 890565 board
Felins motors and parts 4gk60k, 4rk25gk-aa, 3rk15gk-aa, 3gk6k, 9m904a, 3rk15gn-aul-e6, 3gn6k, 4gn60k, 4rk25gn-aul-e9
Field Test Unit FTU-216C-40 NSN 4920011040218 Complete in hard case. Orig $3160. now $295.
FGC Model MD-1130/FGC Demodulator MOD 5-MD-1130
File Cabinet, X2 Speed File Eight (8) drawer letter size rotating locking storage $495.
Film Cartridge DocuColor Docuprint 40CP N32 6135 WorkCenter 610 3002
Film Cartridge Imaging 8R3626 8R2899 8R03745 7024 7033 7042 N32 220
Film Cartridge Xerox 3004 3006 FAXCenter 545 735 745SX Accufax 8R3626
Filter, HE-1022, Felt, WhiteE, Round 1.875 X .125 6640011543577 individually wrapped and boxed.
Flourescent Dye Penetrant Kit w/ ZB Transformer, Light & black hard case 37676-za-43-63278  6850007037406
Fluke Test Equipment Detailed List
Flux-Gerate GmbH Fuel Main Booster Pump 011.10.000 011.80.066 28vdc 13A typ F11-3 4320123244032 4320123459899 New (3) $75
Ford  Satisfied Brake BPR824-C CERAMIC BRAKE PADS NEW $59.95
Fortel 216538 Answering Machine 816-7508
Fourdee MX-9442 / FSS-9(V) Vibration Signal Processors (5) 886_6300 158.72 D-14
Frame, Flange, Instrument mounting, p/n 1412-0750-1 rev A item 606C E-779127-1 1167_7243
Frame, Flange, Instrument mounting 657CK3C F33657-68-C-1224 6930003966120 1167_7243
Franklin Electric Shadowgraph Exact Weight Analytical Balance 100 Grams
FRANZ Pocket Metronome, cigarette Pack sized musical beat pacer. 40-216 Beats. Sound, Light (3)
Freq Standard Shop 67 7G 6625000784718 TC175 Serial #S.R.F. Guam 25355 #7754 AN/WRC-1 Radio EQUIP stack B
Frequency Calibrator 6625000784718VN
Frequency Engineering Lab WDA940 Meter 816-9012
Fuel Bung Cap and Feed Line $24.95
Fuel Flow Indicator Dial Assembly 6240001256559 202-3-156-6 Alt
Fuel Pump, Centrifugal, High Output, PorTable, 24V 818_4153
Fuji Electric Power Supply B14L-5105-0155A#A2 1989-9 in Fujitsu cab
Fujitsu Limited M2441AC 1/2" Digital Tape Drive 10-1/2" Reel 115/230V
Fuse Bussman KAB-45 45 Amp 250VAC Individually boxed $2.50 ea
Fuse, Glass AGC10A, AGC15A, AGC30A, SFE14A, SFE20A (60EA)
Futaba Attack R/SR Model Radio Control XMTR KitS (2)
Gaitronics TelePhone Subset 847875B02 716-101/G84097 Handset 10105-007 (4)
Garvey 22-66 22-77  Two line, Six or Seven Character Labels
Gast Vacuum Pump Model 4BA-1-G482X s/n 0688 Emerson 1/3hp Motor CA55NXCRJ-1776 1390_8570 Recently Serviced $490. (1)
Gast IDM-251-C gang charger accepts four Honeywell Strobonar battery trays for timed charging. (3)
GAUGES and Gage related Products
   Detailed List
Gasket belt rubber NSN 5330005277997SX 2.2" Diam X 1/16" Section
GasTech 3890 Freon Monitor and Filter Elements (2100 pcs), 1299_7352 Seattle,
GBC 12 Channel Video Switcher
GE CALLER ID type 2.5 Caller Adjunct units (15)
GE Digital Answering Machine 29868GE1
GE Digital Answering Machine, New, GE 29878GE1 Fully Digital messaging System with Remote options. $14.95 + S&H
GE 19B801506P15 Personal Radio Charger 120vac 50/60Hz 30w 8.5vdc x 5 Slots (2)
GE Safety Relay MDP201A02A MDP 201A2A GEK-100604 (1)
GEMINI CV70 TV Matching Transformer
General Binding Corp 1222LA-2 1123660 Camera Still picture ID 115V 60HZ (3) 886_0558 1401.26EA
General Radio Decade Voltage Divider GenRad 1455-A 4 stage 230volt 10k ohm in N440 sensitivity computer
General Electric Fluid Controls Div Electric Motor Driven Rotary Hydraulic Pump
General Resistance RDS52-1 Resist-O-Stat II Decade Resistor 0-1111.1 Ohms in .01 Steps 6625008932212
Generator Signal NSN 6625010197890RH (3)
Generator, Power unit, AP-1500A DC/AC 120/220 50/60/400HZ FA130D ENG 3
Gentex MXU 835P InterCommunications units (3) 896_6301 Loc stack B
Glyclean 143-012 Anti-Freeze Recycling Machine - reduced to parts 11/06
Gold Film 411 Mercury Vapor Analyzer/Generator S/N 1716
Gould AccuChart 3800 11-2985-503 B72 15" 8 Channel Chart paper 20333573  6383471 2270351 (14) 2 ea 656 foot per carton $10
Gould Mark 220 Chart Recorder, Signal, 15 6327 50 SN 1478
Graco 185700 185702 185703 185704 185708 185710 185712 185713 185714 $7.95  Graco_SETS
Graco 185716 185720 185722 185723 185724 185726
Graco 223-232 223-233 223-234 223-236 NEEDLE NOZZLE AIR CAP Fluid set
Guard Lens Assembly 516534-1 6210001490745 80020-516534-1 N00383-94-C-K232
Haldex RKN21008 Manual Drain Valve Style A N3613AZ 73.5" Cable NSN FB237350100428 934 315 007 0 New (1)
Handle, Steering, Outboard Marine / Johnson Motors PN 322933 13-1/2" Long casting Half
Harness Mil Harness Parts, Hot Forged Alloy Steel, Bourdon Forge
1209 V-Ring, Accessory Attaching Ring, Military/Parachute, 1209-1 PS70123-1 $1.53/ea
1211 Link, Parachute Removable Connector, Military/Parachute, 1211-1 PS22002-1 $ 2.81/ea
1212 Adapter, Quick Fit, Reversible with tensioner& spring, Military/Parachute, 1212-1 PS70124-1 $ 4.27/ea
1219B V-Ring, AdjusTable without tensioner, Military/Parachute, 1219-1B PS27765-1B $ 4.57/ea
1230 D-Ring, Parachute Harness, Military/Parachute, 1230-1 11-1-485 $ 3.65/ea
1233E Hook, Snap, Parachute Harness Quick Fit Ejector, Military/Parachute, 1233-1E PS22017-1E $ 6.10/ea
Capewell "K" Parachute harness release $9.90/ea
Hard Case for shipping / Storage 22" x 18" x 10" ID ex Hubble program lens case. $100.
Harris LS-518 Frequency Meter
Harris H174-32R Ethernet appliance - reduced to parts May 2011
Haul-Master Four Way Trailer Wiring Connector kit $12.95
HDWCBK004AAWW Port Extender for Parallel, Serial and Video Ports - at tech bench
HeadSET, MicroPhone 5995-00-999-0747 CX8650B/GR 5965011483396
HEISE 901A Manometer, Digital Pressure 0-5 PSI in .01 increments
Heikimian Laboratories HLI 3701 Communications Test System with cover 6625011958662RH
Heikimian Laboratories Model 3900 Telecom Test set with 6 Plug-Ins rack mount
HF Switch, System Select, NSN 6220003705447
Hiking Stick  Walk-Along Survival Staff  A terrific lighted hiking stick that allows oncoming motorists to see you. $29.95
Hitachi FP-10U Camera ACC Lens Fujinon G6X20 1:1.8/20-120MH RM-7
Hitachi FP-10U Camera ACC Viewfinder GM-38U DC 9V SN 2050124
Hitachi FP-10U Hitachi Color STUDIO Camera SN 2051305 DC 12V 15W W/ WH
Hitachi VL-S100 SVHS PorTable VHS Recorder Hitachi VL-S100
Hitachi VM-ACV21A Battery Charger & Camera P/S s/n 60721042 120vac Out 9.6vdc 1.7A / 12.5vdc 1.4A
Hitachi VM-BP66 Battery Pack 10vdc 850mAh
Hitachi VM-H17A  video Camera/ case. Accessories
Hitachi VM-H81A s/n 51201486 HI8 video cassette Camera
Hochiki America DFE-190 AA759E Fixed Temperature Heat Detector Contacts Rated 24VDC .1A
Hoist, Engine, Two Ton, Like New $95.00
Holtzer-Cabot ZM-14A/PSM-2 720_9717
Honeywell 96B Tape Deck 1" ? in Rack mount 7' Cabinet with Electronics
Honeywell Accudata 117 DC Amplifier 7 CH FWX M-84 7 XLR Ports
Honeywell MD-101 Tape Transport Deck NSN 662500LSNE003
Honeywell Reel to Reel Recorder in Big BluePacking box
Honeywell Strobonar 600 / 700 Flash, Battery Trays, AC P/S
Honeywell 700 Flash Strobe includes two used (empty) battery trays  $29.95
Honeywell Strobonar Charger / Power Supply  $14.99

Hose, Air Duct NSN 4720008159708SX New (1)
Housing, Vicon V8000H Heated Security Camera Housing with rain wiper and 2 axis Remote Control Pedestal (2)
HP_ Hewlett Packard 204C Oscillator + 353A Patch Panel + 403B Voltmeter
Font Collection Cartridge for Laserjet $35.00
HP 7470A Two Pen Graphics Plotter   $75.
HP 7550A Eight pen carousel Graphics Plotter $100
HP Electronic Equipment   Detailed List
HP Oscilloscopes all types 
Detailed List

HP Oscilloscope Probes  Detailed List
Hughes NetWork Systems DirectPC Dish 611646101 767-6541
Hydraulic Pump Unit Integrated Motor/Pump assembly Eastern-Midland 3/4 HP 115/230vac 1 phase
Idesco 5000T ID Badge Laminator
In Focus 1600LC PC Viewer Data Display,Video projection panel complete kits with remote and cables, 12VDC 1.5A P/S (2 ea)
In Focus 5000CX PC Viewer Data Projection Panel Display with Remote, cabling kit and12VDC 2A P/S in hard case (3ea)
Indicator, Damper Lambda NSN 6680-01-266-4506 P/N 9341101 (1)
Instrulab 4202B-13-15 Digital Temperature Meter -183C to +650C dual Input IEEE-488 S/N 3000/3292 $2514.00 1152_8511 (2)
Intel 9770 SuperMicro computer system, powers up.
Interface, NSN 663000LSN0000 (3) 774-8022
Intermec 9510 System (16) Includes Monitor, Pen Reader, Controller, KeyBoard, Wall mount, P/S.
  Configuration 80101 S/N 9510-92060801696 T57R-16500-X13, 7010012322257
Intermec Janus JR2020 CT0111002 Wireless BarCode Computer Scanner Assy 062710-004 S/N 9603270066 3/97 (8)
Intermec Janus JD2020C Dual Slot Charger Base 061034-002 for JR2020 and extra Battery Pack 1390_8577
Intermec Janus 1545E Scanner with 054865 BASE/STAND (2)
Intermec Janus C58399 9.6v 3A 28w Power Supply 95-250vac 47-63Hz 60mA 1390_8577
International HN-SII Fuel Tester 816-9705
Interpretation Systems INC VP-8 IMAGE Analyzer SEE SHROUD OF TURIN
Interstate Electronics 120VAC Time Total Meters PN 365-003-002 6645-00-364-2035 886_1505 LOC:INH(49)
Interstate Electronics 7305500 Plasma display 5980012965531
Intimus 501 Shredder Schleicher INTL, Board, Control, Motor, Parts 9916228 9916226/1 INH
Intimus, CAP, 20UF +-5% 450VAC 25/85/21 EN60252 From Intimus 501 shredder INH
Intimus, CAP, 70UF 280VAC 10000H/K1 B 25/85/21 From Intimus shredder INH
Intimus, Motor, ATB 80814 SRBFTO, 18/2-A80R 12A CB90UF200VDB 2760/MIN 1PH 1.5KW 120V 60HZ EN60034 501 shredder
Intrusion Detection System, Card Reader, Entry Pad (49) 818_8208
ITT Vacuum Pump model GH-3VL 1/4HP 115vac 60 Hz 1725 rpm 7.4A Pulls a solid 29" vacuum. Wt 31 pounds
J4 Compass Field Tester, Simulator, Gyroscope C271232 GMVKM3B03 232 nsn 4920003490206rn in hard cases (2)
Jack, Hydraulic, Bluebird Intl. Model 4451 Long Ram (2) Like New.
Japan Servo Co Torque Motor Type UTH8S10 (2) $49.95/ea
Johnson Clearchannel LTR Mobile Radio model 8700D 12vdc (6)
JRL 1220D-3 Dual Roll Laser Graphics 24" Plotter. Reduced to parts Dec 2008
JVC CCD Color Camera W Power Supply 24VAC/12VDC
JVC GR-AX640U Video Camcorder VHS-C s/n 12452949 6vdc, AD, 50X Digital 3.9-62.4mm F1.6 40.5mm
JVC GR-AXM23OU VHS-C 400X Video Camera SN 076B1739
JVC GR-EZ1U Compact VHSC Deck SN 14920710
Kahl Scientific NFES 1156 Pocket Sling Psycrometer 6685008261662 wet bulb New with humidity Calculator
Kahnetics KDS 824A deluxe shot meter dispensing system, pneumatic
Ksvouras Radac MDL 1000 PN 90010010 Color Weather Radar Controller SN 4739 6660012604535
Kawasaki FA1300 Genset C28
Kepco 0-525VDC Regulated DC Power Supply 115/230VAC 50-440HZ 500MA with (5) GE 7581A/KT66 Tubes
Keuffel & Esser 71-2629 (3) plus 71-2627 (1) Electronic Filter (Everett warehouse)
Key Telemetering Calibrator K.T. ProductS S/N 1131 in hard case 662500R103834
Kikusui COS6100 see Oscilloscopes all types  Detailed List
Kikusui New Clear Lens or metal contrast screen for COS6100
Kit, Leakage Monitor, ElectroMagnetic Microwave Meter, Handheld wand 6625011425468 W/Manual
Knape & Vogt woodworking drawer slide sets PN KV-1330 20" 29#/case/10 sets (10) $22.95/case
Knape & Vogt woodworking drawer slide sets PN KV-1305 16" 17#/case/10 sets (2) $19.95/case
Knife - DUAL BLADE - Button activated, Spring assisted, 4-1/2" closed
KNIFE, paper 3M 6730-00-026-0014 10-3/8" LONG BLADE W/3 HOLES
Kodak 154-4139 Photo Chemical Tank Lids, 30 Gal, Floating (3)
Kodak 270 EKTAGraphiC AudioViewer Projector Carousel Stack Loader Remote Cover 767_3136
Kodak AF-2 Carousel Slide Projector w/Ektanar 4" to 6" f3.5 Lens, Remote. s/n 3653014, 3346787 (2)
Kodak BX3500 ID Camera
Kodak Carousel 4600 Slide ProjectorS with lenses
Kodak Carousel 850H Slide Projector W/ Lens
Kodak Carousel AF-2 Slide Projector and Kit $49. plus S&H
Kodak Datatape Degausser TD-500 type 12905 SN 1554 720_8538
Kodak DC5000 Digital Camera w/case and Accessories Great Lakes
Kodak Digital Science Computed Radiography Storage Phosphor Laser Generated Reader and AutoLoader Plus
Kodak Digital Science Computed Radiography Storage Phosphor Reader s/n 05198 (2) & AutoLoader Plus s/n 4144 (2) reduced to parts
  Keytronic KeyBoard E06101D-C Standard PC AT Layout and Cable
  Densei-Lambda barCode Reader BCH5532-STA
  JDS Uniphase Laser 1145AP-3340 s/n 1323022 633nm / 35mW
  w/ matching P/S 12vdc in / 3650vdc .007A out. 05-LPM-822-070 L23120A1644 (2)
  Servo Sequence Control Board 9700686-0001E 2H0923 sn00725 Micro Industries (2)
  Analogic Data Aquisition Board B11-3316 ADSC4342 16 bit Sampling A/D Converter (2)
  PMT Board & 5 each matching X66580 S83079EM4-5stage tubes, cathode & anode=blue,
  dark Current 1000v, 11.2uA/inc.1m 0.085A/inc1m 3.0nA (2 sets)
  Power Supply 5vdc 300mA 120vac 60Hz Neg inner single Pin Model DV-530R Condor Kodak D/S Radiography Reader
  Misc Cables 4B5356, 4B5354, 454173-000 EK6C7042, EK6C7041, 530-2453-02 (2 ea)
  Software EVP Install, Database Tables, Proact V1.8.3 p/n 3H8621, QCW 5.0X, Kespr 5110 V4.7.2 p/n 5E2034, KQCW CD V5.02.01  
Kodak Ektanar 4" F2.8 PROJECTION Lens
Kodak EktaGraphic III E Plus Carousel Slide Projector Ektanar 2-1/2" F3.5 Lens, nice brown leather case.
Kodak F/OTX Camera System, KM2 DECodeR, Lens, LXS-D-28-R P/S, TV CAM
Kodak N2000 PhotoCD Digital Photo& Audio PorTable Player
Kodak Slide Projector Motor PN 203928 (7) (New) 767-6520
Kodak SV-7400 Microfloppy Still Video Recorder
Krohn-Hite 3343 Variable Filter
Krohn-Hite MDL:3343 Variable Filter 886_4742 53.
Krohn-Hite Model 3343 S/N 1874 Dual Channel Filter .01-99,900HZ Low Pass RC, MAXFLAT, HighPASS (2)
KS-19C1 Still picture Camera set NSN 6780012114562
Kubek 240 Multiple CD-ROM Jukebox with 7 EA SCSI DriveS (6)
Kuffel& Esser K&E 712627 and 712629 mounts with blue Lenses and Cables (2)
Kyocera TXDTC091 Desktop Dual Charger Base USE 4.2VDC 1000MA P/S
Kyowa RTP-652A Data Recorder 816-4507
Labeler, Price  single line, six digit, sticky label type. Change price in seconds, makes hundreds of labels in minutes.
Laminex LX400 Polaroid ID Camera 816-6706
Lamp Bulb, Flash Tube p/n 16775516-001 6240012837138 small two Pin tube with metal Band New (10)
Lamp Bulb, Flash Tube, EP-302 H9-2 Ascor 030-603 Large studio type vented tube with three Pins, made in germany New (6)
Lamp Bulb, LED Tiny Blue 2 lead, says Incandescent 6240002800186 New (6)
Lamp Bulb, Rubidium p/n EEK20 6240011154549 New (6)
Lamp Bulb, Tungsten-Halogen, Visual Graphics #32-00004-206 Sylvania FCA 7922P 6240012937376 (5)
Laser Power Supply RG5-0662 RG5-0769 41848735 PC-GF RBI-3015-TR2 Used Canon LBP-430, 4i, 4u, HP LaserJet 4L, 4ML $20
Laser Power Supply RICOH KEIKI High Voltage GZ320005 Model 3E18-2 LPS32 Input 24VDC, 1.4A Outputs 5300VDC, 315 uA
4400 VAC, 740uA -150VDC,-25uA -540VDC,-90uA 6800VDC, 600uA -750VDC, -70uA 850VDC, 80uA $75.
Bertran High Voltage Laser Power Supply Model 2740 0 to 1KV @ 4mADC Takeout from Kodak Industrial Laser
Laserdisc Players - We have numerous Models of Laserdisc Players in stock
Leader LBO-518 Oscilloscope 100 MHz 5 channel, 7 trace with all the bells and whistles. $199.95
Leeds Northrup 100-500 degree F Temperature PotentioMeter 8693 GalvanoMeter in brown hard case
Lens, TV 1.5X Tele Conversion Bayonet Style in case
Light Bulb, Flourescent conversion Kit for sign box. Duro-Test #1414 w/two xfrmrs + Osram Dulux F9TT/27k G23 Base 9watt 2700k tubes (9)
Light Bulb, Incandescent, 120 watt Sylvania GTE PAR38 2000 Hour bulb in/outDoor New (1)
Light Bulb, Incandescent, AS15 Very Tiny LamPinca 6240001443091 Aircraft Instrument type New (1)
Light Bulb, Incandescent, #25A, 25 watt, 277 Volt, 11289-0 TWA 19-25 S80854 6240010066986 (414)
Light Bulb, Incandescent, 100 watt, CM1988 10V100W Stranded Wire ends. Japan 2503 6240005483978 Chicago Miniature New (900)
LINCOLN NR-311 Innershield 7/64" welding rod in 50 foot coils
LITRONIC Parallel PCMCIA 2202 Fortezza DESKTOP DUAL CARD READER $19.95 +$9.65 S&H
Loral Data Systems EMR720 PCM BIT Synchronizer SN1576 28370 407-C0585-00 Model 720-02-0-1-4-M55
LR1130 replacement coin cell Battery for VHS reporter date and function
Ludlow Lead Test 6625010574526 Like scope probes(2) 816-9707
Madigan TS-1775/U Test Set, Relay (2)
MagaDrive Docking Bay, Dual (5)
Magnasync G936 Tape Degausser 816-7508 5820011030852
Magnasync Moviola Reader Cabinets W/Dual TR-1710 1/2" Tape DriveS (4)
Magnavox MX4102 Satellite Navigator PN 705624-801 10-40VDC 15W DB15 SP&HDG Port SN/18272 SN/12402
Magnetic Parts Dish. These 6" Magnetic Parts Dishes great for retaining small parts in mechanical / automotive Work. New, boxed. #0269 $3.95
Magnetic Pickup Tool Set. Two piece Pen sized extenable Magnetic Pickups reach where you can't go. New, boxed, prime stock. #0162 $3.99
Magnetic Tape unit, Trident Submarine Systems, P/N 3225635-1 8P 6605-LW-S90-5102 (3 ea) reduced to parts Sept 2006 see p/n's
Magneto, Slick
Model # 4220 for 4 cylinder gas engine 13228E2016 , NEW in sealed box
Mandrel, Dental, Hand 6520009718221 3 Box/6 (18)
Manifold, Exhaust, 19207 11683989 AVDS-1790-2 12 cyl Diesel Engine port 4,5,6 4880-2817 (1) NEW see TM-9-2815-220-34P
Marconi InstrumentS 52005-301D 3 bay A.F. Oscillator/Attenuator/Oscillator TF 2005R
Marker Assembly 19207 p/n 12360865-1 6240013541221 MFR0ZH59 6 led's mounted to Board w/14v bulb base New (1)
Marquette Welder 814_2529
Mast Development IDM-251-C Strobonar Battery Tray 4X Gang Charger $29.95
Mast Development 25" Dual Flash Head Bracket with wiring accepts two Honeywell Strobonar units. $14.95
Mast Section NSN 5985013243463, New, (4) 774-8022
Masterview CS-102 2 Port CPU Switch
Masterview CS-106 CPU Switch 6 Port
Masterview CS-122 2 Port CPU Switch
Matala Sheet 39 X 48 X 1.5 Inch Rigid Poly BIO Filtration Permanent Pond Filter Media Cleans easily with a shake or a hose.
Matrix, Crown form, Dental, caulk, dentsply, box/20 (20)
MB Electronics Decade Voltage Divider GenRad 1455-A 4 stage 230volt 10k ohm in N440 sensitivity computer
McData Corp MC400 model 01R 120vac 2A 60Hz from Harris H174-32R reduced to parts May 2011
MD-80 Bit Sync Controller, PCM488 Interface unit, Brake Dump Control unit  Stack A
MegaDrive Systems Removeable mass storage system frames only, no disks(5)
Melco Buffalo HWP-1000 5 Port print buffer/ Controller 1MB
Memorex Tape MRX V 1200 35FW 35EHF2520WA1 Compatible thru 6250 CPI 35FWA1002011091 New 10/$6.50ea. (10)
Memorex Tape MRX V 2400 35JW 35EHJ3520CA1 Compatible thru 6250 CPI 35JCA1844250493 New 10/$12ea (20)
Mercury EMR3 Ribbon for 5000 Label Printer (6)
Metalphoto 12X20X.032 SATIN PhotoGraphic plates (3) X 12 darkroom only
Meter, panel, Magnasync Moviola sound level
Meter, OAT, Ground trainer. P/N 648410 NSN 6930004212139 F33657-70-C-0013 AL-27778-A-X P/N 250D69-915 (648410) A012
Meter, RF Frequency, waveMeter HP 536A .94-4.20 GHz
Meter, RF Frequency, waveMeter Freq Engrg Labs WDA 940 .96-4.2 GHz
Meter, RF Frequency, waveMeter Harris LS-518 .940-4.2 GHz 6625001973036
Meter 400 Hertz with transducer, A&M Instrument model # 369-068 pn 120-24 nsn 6625008877813 (6)
Meter Weston, Panel, 10v Peak to Peak
fits 1/2 x 1-3/4 cutout P/N 16789545-004 Mod 111
Meter Weston, Panel, 0-60 Microseconds Peak to Peak fits 1/2 x 1-3/4" panel cutout Mod 111
Metronome, FRANZ Pocket, cigarette Pack sized musical beat pacer. 40-216 Beats. Sound, Light (3)
Micom Black Box LD-401MP ME705 589500 Converter, Signal 150-0061-0 K 805B 1013 DLB Switch LOC:INH(3)
Microcircuit 5962-00-339-6427 P/N 862529-0016 New (1)
Microprogram Diagnostic unit C21060 MDU Memory Stepper/Loader PN 303Z134 REV G LOCKHEED/Control DATA
Micronet MS-173 SCSI External Drive W/ Seagate ST2209NM 90-260VAC
MicroPhone, Head, XLR, General Radio  type 1560-P5
Microscope, AO Spencer, Four Objective SN 764240 500.
Microscope, AO Spencer, Three Objective SN 587420 200.
Microscope, Cambridge Instruments 410 MicroStar IV Reichert no objective lenses $450.
Microscope, Leica Galen III   4 obj Lens 100/40/10/4  $495.
Microscope, Reichert AO ONE-TEN Model 1130 Illuminator no objective lens
Military Surplus  Military Surplus    Detailed List     Parachutes   Insignia
Miller 330A/BP Welder 330 Amp ARC Stick Welder about 600 pounds
Mincom multi-Port Pulse Distribution Amplifier Loc stack B
Mine Sweep Tape 8152-00 60 rolls available
Minolta AF VHS Video Movie Camera 816-1307
Minolta EP2050 Copying Machine System
Mitsubishi G500-10 Thermal Printer
Mitsubishi HS-U20 VHS VCR Recorder
Mitsubishi HS-U35 VHS VCR Recorder
Monaco Enterprises Vulcan I Fire Alarm Control Panel 001-122-00 New
Monroe RL-912 Copier C-30
Monroe RL918Z Copying Machine (2) 818_5592
Motor, AC Marathon CEM3661T/C382 6105011989433 High Efficiency BVD 182TTFR4340 AN L FR-182TC 3 Phase 3HP 1760 Rpm 208-460vac
Motor, Direct Current, Bodine 1/40 hp Reversing w/ wiring diagram New Bodine Motor
Motor, Direct Current, American Electronics Model 3602-1 27vdc .2A 2RPM CCW 6105006608724 Aircraft New (6)
Motor, Disk Drive, New PN 2845750 NSN 6105011725826 (1) 774-8022
Motor, Inverter Duty Marathon C382 Series E BVD182TTFR4340AN 3Hp 1760Rpm 190 to 460Vac 3Ph 60/50Hz (2) New 72# 16x13x11
Motor, LEESON, 3/4 HP 1725RPM, 5/8" keyed shaft, 115/208-230vac 60Hz100003.00 Model A4C17DH4G P Reversible New
Motor, Permanent Magnet, 1211477-00 Digital 159621 24OZ/IN 24VDC 1.5A 1150Rpm Cont 20W Gear Belt Drive
Motor, Permanent Magnet, 1214659-00 Digital 537935 30OZ/IN 24VDC 2.2A 1580Rpm Cont 33W Gear Belt Drive
Motor, Stepping, A82902 16VDC 2.6A 1211563
Motor, Stepping, KP7M8-001 Hitachi japan ServoDigital 1214660-00 7.5 DEG/STEP 24VDC 3.2A/PHASE
Motorola Communications Console 322CMY0032 NSN 5820012730670 bubble wrapped (2)
Motorola MBR4040 Power Diode 8b19(8819) (90ea)
Motorcycle Chain 56" x 1/8" x 1/2" pitch new $19.95
Mount, Military 5820008931323 816-7508
MPDA50SYN MPDA50A Spark Plug Sync Probe, BNC, New
MPH Model E400 Tape Test Controller
MSI Data Corp 1410 PDT-LS CY-8537/G RS-232 53527-05-00C Bar Code Reader / Scanner Kits in Pressure relief transit cases 5815012629956 1152_8078 (10 Kits w/Accessories)
Mueller unshielded 48" Banana Test Leads with Accessories
Muffin Fans
Muffin Fan NMB Model 4715KL-04W-B30 120mm x 1-1/2" wide, 2-1/2" wide with filter $14.95
MulTimeter, CenTech 30756 7 Function 3-1/2 Digit LCD New Tester Kit 32" LEADS $11.95 Delivered   Cen_Tech_Meter
MulTimeter, Fluke 8030A Miniature W/RECHARGEABLE Battery Pack 430942 6625010635788 497.64
Music, Audio Tapes, Lena Horne BCMC 453 and Jean Michel Jarre BCMC 412-2
Nagra approved Quantegy 480 Low Print Audio Mastering Tape 1/4" x 600 feet  $5.95 plus S&H
Nagra Kudelski 4.2 Reel TO Reel Tape Recorder Deck SWISS
Nagra Kudelski IV-SJ Reel TO Reel Audio Tape Recorder
Narda Microwave 8201 ElectroMagnetic Leakage Monitor Kit. 8211 Meter, 8221 Probe, Mini-Surveyor 816-9705
NCR Axiohm POS Slip Printer POS Slip Printer $29.95
NEC CCD NX18AS (1) NX18A (1) Security Cameras 12vdc dB9 conx.
NEC PV-S98A PC-VCR personal computer Control System RS-232C Interface S/N COZ00459 120VAC 60HZ 42W
Network Stuff
Network Appliance F330 Server Mainframe W/9 Slot PCI MB, no CPU/PS
Network Equipment Technologies SPX/50 Processor case KE200L P/S, 11X Cable(12 Pin), floppy, XC2408
Network Repeater Fibermux FX701-R/L/ST Thinnet, Remote, Ethernet 115VAC 50/60HZ (2)
NIDA Trainer Model 130 three Power supplies w/Meters and wiring Decks (12 pieces)
NIDA Trainer Model 130A complete 100% functional units. (168 pieces)
NIDA Trainer model 130E complete, 100% functional (available and in stock)
NIDA model 205 Series cards PC205-1 thru PC205-6NBFM

Nikon Coolpix 950 Digital Camera 2.11 MPixel 3X Zoom  inop (1) $20
Nikon Nikkor 105mm 2.5 s/n 1012821 retractible Lens shade   
Nitrogen regulator/gauge set (6)
North Atlantic486SR NSN 5820014589607 SN 1459, 1568
North AtlanticVM-202 BR-S1258 Phase Angle VoltMeter 115VAC 50-400HZ 875_0593 Chapparal Missile
Nuarc JL98 High Power Vacuum Pump with Foot Pedal from 20 X 24 Copy Camera 115VAC 11.5A
Nuarc Hardware in carton C28 east
OCE #2465 Copy Center 818_5578
Ohmeda 5120 Oxygen Monitor # 0304-2178-800  6515012796450
Okidata OL800 EN2560A Laser Printer
Okidata OL810E PS Printer (2)
Omega 375CN-JC High Limit Controller 1/16 DIN 0-399F (2) $59.95
Optical Data Fiber Optic Modem ODS229RS-449 (2) 816-9012
Optics Corp TV Lens (2) SN 1112, 1113 816-4524
Optimus CD-3380 Compact Portable CD Player
Orion Research 601A Digital Ionalyzer 100/115/220/240VAC 50/60HZ (4)
Oscilloscopes all types  Detailed List
Oscilloscope Probes  Detailed List

P&H DAR-300HFGW C-32408 Welder 814_9092
Pace INC MDL PPS-200C Power unit SN 736 115V 50/60HZ PH1 886_1529 LOC:INH(1)
Pace MBT Soldering DeSoldering Station PPS85
Pace Soldering / DESoldering Station PR10 PR-10 with pedal NSN 3439011272832
Page One Science POS-LAB C2-6 12VDC Battery Charger/Conditioner for PorTable Radios 12 Port POS-1590
Pager, Motorola Skytel Flex, Charge Stand NLN3305C NLN3474C (5)
Pairgain Technologies Campus-T1/E1/384 CFG R27 IPMS V.35/T1 EXT Modem 1150-01 type 150 100-240VAC
Panasonic Electronic Equipment   Detailed List
Panasonic WE-151A Tabletop Video Imager
Panda 2507 Quick Charger for RC Model batteries. Use Auto 12v battery to charge 7.2vdc model battery.
Panel, Control, with 34 lighted Switches 7021011594057
Paper Drive Assembly 07342-548590-2 rev g A2MP24 ASM 548587-2 NSN 7025013714603 bubble wrapped
Parachute, Accessory, pilot chutes, Bags, Capewells, Sliders, Soft toggles, Risers, Maillon Rapide Screw Links, etc.
Parachute, Accessory, Pack NB-6
  Personnel, Back,  New, 1R 1670-00-078-8282 LX   P/N 60A114E2-52 for T-34, C-130, P-3 + others
Parachute, Military Canopies, Drogues, Risers, Lines, Releases, Containers etc. Itemized List    Accessories    Hardware
Paslode 1/2" Crown Galvanized Staples 1-1/4" Long OT2641 GS-16 13.5M/BX 24 31#/case $19.95   PASLODE_1-1/4_Staples 
Paslode Staple rePack 20,000 Piece (133 sticks) 40.5# $23.99 $44 max delivered in US48
Paslode 1/2" CROWN GALV StapleS 1-1/8" Long OT2686 S-16 15M/BX 94 31#/case $19.95    
PCMCIA Reader Fortezza Parallel EXT DUAL Port Litronic SSC Argus $17.95 Litronic_2202_Parallel
Pelco 18-144MM 1:2 TV8F Zoom Lens
Perkin Elmer PE Nelson 960 Interface, Detector 4 CH, Remote 6 Pin, Rackvial DB15, SER, 7X RELAY 24V
Phase Angle Voltmeter HR326
Philips CDD522 Compact Disc Recorder SCSI 50 Pin mini in/out 100-240VAC (2) Loc stack A
Phone Charger Samsung Dual Slot DTC850 100-240VAC 50-60HZ .3A 4.2VDC 800MA/400MA SN DK3N703A/84
Phone - TracFone Motorola C139 New in sealed package (2) $19.95 each
Photo LithoGraphic Products MDL: SL0-5YN type SS50 Mask ALIG 886_8021 53.
Photogenic Machine CO PLO6APS Power and Modeing light C4-5/ESR 115VAC 50-60HZ 10A 600WS
Physio-Control 801807-21 Medical Battery Charger-Tester 120VAC 60HZ 6625011929460 Three bay
Picket Bag, NSN 5342013688343 Military 41" x 5" x 4" New Military Surplus. Great for carrying long thin tripods, poles, etc. 3 avail
Pin, Blade Retaining  NSN2840007380579 NEW Steel, .649OD x 2.460 with .050 x .655 square retainer. 1700 available
Pin, Grooved, Headless NSN 5315009927309
Pinnacle Refrigerant Recovery System 1/2 HP 818_6597
Pioneer CLD-V2600 Laser Disc Barcode 2 CD Video Audio Player $49.99 Pioneer_CLD-V2600
Pioneer CU-V113 Remote Control unit for LD Laserdisc
Pioneer LD-V4400 Laser Disk Player $49.95 (11)
Pioneer LD-V8000 Laserdisc Player, Excellent condition w/Manual   Pioneer_Laserdisc_LD-V8000   $149.
Polaroid 1020T 1106E-FT 1.8 TO 4.5 GHz MOD 1606E-FWTJ COMBINED MODULATOR/Signal Generator SN 18-1038
Polaroid #500 LAND Film HOLDER 4 X 5
Polaroid  3 inch Lens #88-3 Tominon 4.5-45 F75mm s/n 139642 T/B/1-125 sec.shutter w/Strobe Flash Ring in quick mount
Polaroid CI-5000 Digital PALETTE SCSI CI-5000 W/ 35MM and Polaroid C
Polaroid IDENTICard System $150.
Polaroid Laminex LX-400 ID camera system instant passport pictures 1-4 shots per sheet
Polaroid Model 203 2/UP MiniPortrait camera w/Holder, Case, Manual
Polaroid Model 403 4/UP MINIPortRAIT Camera W/73A HOLDER, case, Manual
Polaroid MP-3 Lens, 75MM 4.5 RODENSTOCK YSARON in PRONTOR SHUTTER. $125.
Polaroid MP-4 LAND Camera System W/ CABINET.
Polaroid Pack HOLDER 73A in 403 Camera 669 108 100 107 667 665 FilmS
Polaroid Power Processor 35MM

Polaroid Spectra Camera for Passport ID's with Manual and vinyl carrying bag  $15.
Polyvinyl Films Heat Shrink Film WrapPing Table 36" Wide Stainless #RMA 104-36 115VAC 1300W $195.
Pond Equipment Pond plants and equipment detailed list
Pond Parsley Stand / Feeder a great way to feed Parsley to your KOI and other pond fish.
Pond, Light, Underwater 20 watt submersible 12v halogen light Kits five Colored Lenses + mount options.
POS 20 Station NCR Ethernet Cash Register System complete with cash drawers, slip Printers and barCode Scanners.
POS Slip Printer Axiohm NCR $49.95
Postage Scale SPI M-10-Z Ten pound mechanical Postal scale weighs accurately thru 12 pounds. $34. plus $9 S&H
Power Panel, Rack mount, 115VAC 8 Outlet, 6 Switched, 15A Max, Switch, Monitor Light.
Power Supplies, Bench, Wall Cube, Generic and Proprietary supplies from milliAmp ratings to 50A or more..  
Power Supplies Detailed List
Power Transformer 120/240/480vac up/down for Internal use 5950009681646 56 pounds (30) $99
Practical, Peripherals Desktop External PC288LCD V.34 Modem
Price Labeler  single line, six digit, sticky label type. Change price in seconds, makes hundreds of labels in minutes.
Printer Head Assembly, 455200 NSN 7025 013842629CI (63)
Probe, Oscilloscope  Detailed List
Probe PLO Synthesizer 1-1003 Oscillator Synthesizer 4 DIVIDER 1-100KHZ (5) 875_0578 11,918.00
Proteon Pronet CNX500 P4500-16 SN 30772010434
Proxima A480SC Video projection panel, Elmo Projector, soft case, cables kit. $100.
Proxima Soft Case 17-1/2" x 16" x 6" for video or computer equipment.
Excellent cond, well padded, numerous pockets. $20.
Proxima Soft Case 17" x 14" x 4" for video or computer equipment, excellent condition. $14.

Pulizzi Remote AC Power Controller
Pump, March #903, Dual Head Photo Chemical pump designed for Eastman Kodak 115vac 50/60Hz (6)
Racal SH2804 Recorder Reproducer 600VA 45-400HZ
Racal-Dana 1992 Nanosecond Universal Counter S/N 993640 45-440HZ 90-253VAC IEEE488
Racal-Dana 1996 Universal Systems Counter 120 MHz 90-253VAC 47-440HZ 80VA MAX IEEE-488 (7)
Racal-Dana 5001 Digital MulTimeter 6625012038051
Racal Maxima Wordsafe Dual Deck VHS Cassette Recorder w/line 1/F, Multiplexer, Processor Cards. Working s/n RR10869, RR11020 (2)
Rack Enclosure,
Smoked glass door, 28" wide x 30" deep x 83" High with 12 outet power strip. Nice, Suitable for open office.
Radiac Sample Holder Small 2" X 1/4" High Aluminum Dish 6665005580145 Loc stack B
Radio Frequency Filter, 24V Heavy thruput, helicopter
Radyne Rmux-340 Multiplexor (5) Loc stack A
Ramer Ski Poles, White snow camo, Self Arrest Grips, Adjust 42-62" Break down to 38"  $39.95  Ramer self arrest ski poles
Ramp Generator 6625005315136 $552.
Ranco"A" Series Adaptable Refrigerator Replacement Cold ControlS A30-261-70 SPST 32-61F 6F DIFF
Raychem Model HT-900 Compressed Air / Nitrogen Hot Air Heating Tool 115vac, two 400Watt heating elements, hard case, 4940001324909
RCA AH-55 12VDC Car Cigarette Lighter Adapter to 1.5,3,4.5.VDC@300MA,6,7.5,9VDC@500MA,12VDC@1.2A
RCA CC433 Full SizeVHS Video Camera Recorder S/N 708530840 9.6VDC with built in titler
RCA CC540 Camcorder 9.6vdc 24x opt 100x dig Zoom 12v ac Adapter & lite
RCA CRK45A Digital Remote Control IR Transmit Console
RCA Port CD connecting Pack allows Plugging CD Stereo into Auto Cassette Player.
RCA Satellite Receriver-Antennae Connection / wiring Kits (5) Loc stack B
RCS Wireless Modem JackS RC-930, 2 PIECE, 120VAC 60HZ 75MA, one single Phone port, one dual prt
Receiver / Transmitter 5820013833217
Recorder-Reproducer RD-379(V)/UNH 24HR 1/2" Tape 10 CH 19" RACKS (8)
Refrigeration, Robinair MDL 17660 Port Freon Recovery / Reclaim Systems (2)
Refrigeration Control Unit, Comtech PST 382-2040
Regency IVDS (Artillery?) Fire Control System 794_9044
Relay Deutsch Relays M83536/15-021M
28vdc 260 Ohm contacts, 10A 28vdc/115/200vac 400 Hz 3 phase (5 ea)
Resistor - Power  Dale Div Vishay 1% aluminum cased ENH-10 RER45F10R5R, ENH-50 RER55F2R00R, RH-100 RE77GR750, RH-250 RE80GR499
Reuter-Stokes Heat Stress Monitor Wet Bulb GlobeTemperature Meter (2)
RF Communications RF-815 Radio Frequency Power Amplifier 10-500 MHz Tunable in 6 Ranges Gain>35DB
RF Laboratory Test Equipment
RF Power meter 0-150Watt Military TS-1771A/U Test Set Dual Scale 0-50 and 0-150 Watt
Rheostat 2M771 HD 200 Ohm 240V (6)
Rhine Air NF 18-1 Breathing Air Pump S/N06656 2 Outlet 115VAC 12PSI 850.00 818_8071
Rhine Air Personnel Breathing Pumps 15 PSI max. Breathing air supply for painters, sewer Work, etc. (4)
Richards MDL 2030-58100 Light Table W/ MDL 2030 Master 886_3087 40.
Ricoh FT4727 Copier with stand for parts. Two stripped gears on heat rollers
Ricoh GZ320005_Power_Supply 
Ring, Steel, 3/4" ID x 1-1/16"OD 25 pieces per bag, 1000pcs/box, 19,000 available
RMS Electronics, Directional Tap, Video, 550MHz 4 way feed thru SS CA-2014/T.30db (1000), 25db(600), 20db(400), 15db(175) New
Robinair MDL 17660 Refrigeration, Port Freon Recovery / Reclaim Systems (2)
Rockland 5810A Mini Analyzer SN 6520258619 115VAC 50/60 HZ 300W
Rotary Rasp Set. Five piece Rotary Rasp Toolbit set is great for grinding and carving in the shop. New, Packaged prime stock. #0163 $2.99
Rotary Actuator Four 2" cylinders, splined shaft  NEW PHD Rotary Actuator ML21174C  5930012139014,  C305054

ROTC and Military Insignia   Insignia
Rycom 6041 Selective Level meter VLF Receiver (4)
Sace Auto Destruct Test unit C21083 S/N 003 P/N 3070970 Northrup/Lockheed 13-3/4 X 11 X 11-1/2 case
Sanyo TRC-8090 Memo Scriber 816-9024
Sargeant & Greenleaf SM-1000 Door Solenoid Intrusion Controller W/Cable, Keypad 6350009574190
Satellite Radio Receiver Kit Xact Replay XTR8CK Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver NEW $69.95
Scale, postage  SPI M-10-Z  Ten pound mechanical Postal scale weighs accurately thru 12 pounds. $34. plus $9 S&H
Scissors, Stainless Heat Treated Scissor Make short Work of tough jobs like cutting chicken and branches. New, Packaged #0107 $2.49.
Scotch-Brite Floor Pads, 24" x 9/16" x 1-1/4" hole. A-2S Brown for aggressive cleaning. New. Box of five. $30/box
SCSI Host Adapter Adaptec AVA-1505 PC AT ISA 50 Pin New in BOX
Seagate ST15230WC Hawk 4.3 GB SCSI2 SCA Hard Drive NIB (9)
Seagate ST2209NM SCSI 50 Pin Hard Drive in MicroNet External 90-260VAC
Seiko CH-770 CH770 Thermal Transfer Film Ink sheet for CH-5312 CH-5514
Seiko Seikosha CH861U Thermal paper B Size 11" ColorPoint CH-5312 5514
Sencore CR70 Universal CRT Analyzer & Restorer "The Beam Builder" s/n 3450174M 6625011874395 Loc GAR
Sencore SC61 Waveform Analyzer s/n A394876 105-130vac 50/60Hz HV, 2 Axis & 12vdc Ports, rated 60 MHz usable to 100MHz
Sencore VA62 Universal Video Analyzer 6625011875516 794_8507 2900.
SENTROL PIR 6145 Motion Detector in Rugged outdoor case Model 6145 $14.95 
Shackle, MS70087-2 Heavy Duty 3/4" diameter used to connect Cargo parachutes to the load. $9.95
Sharp DX-111 CD Compact DISC Digital Audio Player S/N 60509529 120VAC 60HZ
Sharp Slimcam VL-L63U s/n 310338540 VHS video cassette Camera used w/Cables
Shied Assy, Pre-Heater, 7310009992511 p/n 5-11-1244-23 (40)
Shintom VP-3550N VHS TransPorTable VCR in Heavy plastic travel case. Missing small end cover. Works great. $29
Shure BROS M67 MicroPhone Mixer 120VAC 50/60HZ 3W
Siemon 48 Jack CAT 5 Rack mount Panel HD5 Series HD5-48T4 (T568) '97
Siemon ElectronicS Rack 19" X 84" High B-Line Telecom SB-556-084-XU
Sierra Micro Optical Drive 1.3 GB
SierraCom 2760-0000 REV B Pulse Generator TACAN Calibration S.C.I.T.T.S. 6625014505833 RH in 21-109164
Signal Function Generator SG-1146/U 886_4730 2920.17
Signal Generator 767-0148 (4) 767-0148
Signal Generator AN/URM-26C SG-117A
Signal Generator, AN/URM-127 20-200,000 HZ 115VAC 50-420HZ in hard case 6625007835965
Signal Processor, NSN 589500LSN0000 774-8022
Simpson 260 AFP-1 Volt-Ohm Milliameter in black case (129.62)
Simpson 260 Series 3 Multimeter 886_9501 (10)
Simpson 260-6P MulTimeter 6625000049536
Simpson 360 Series 3A MulTimeter NSN 6625007244126 886_9501 (1)
Simpson 467 AN/PSM45 6625011771184 HV probe, shunt, case, Manual and probes. (9)   Simpson_467
Simpson Current Shunt 00801 see 467 Meter Kit 6625011771142 10-864941
Simpson High VoltAGE PROBE 00053 SEE 467 Kit 6625011771180 10-830844
Singer 6100 Hydraulic Power CsrtRT 230VAC 1 PH 1500 PSI 392A 61001AB (2)
Singer Vacuum Scavenging Boost Pump 6300 392A107-63008AC 208/230VAC
Ski Poles, Ramer, White snow camo, Self Arrest Grips, Adjust 42-62" Break down to 38"  $34.95  Ramer self arrest ski poles
Slick U6000 Tripod missing Head 21" - 44" clean.
Snorkel Kit, recovery vehicle (23501226826), Military, 2540010142683 p/n 11672032 New Sealed Lanzen Mfg 450# 1393_8506 C23 (1)
Sonalert (Mallory) Buzzer SC628 28vdc fits 1-1/8 round hole x 1-3/4" deep see Dictaphone
Sonatech NS-011 3042-200 Transceiver 16 CH #2903-8909 IEEE488 RS-232
Sony Electronic Equipment Detailed List
Sony U-Matic 5000 7000 9000 Series Belt Kits

Sony RM-AV3000 Programmable Remote for systems. The best available. 30 available $45. delivered in US48
Sorenson DCR150-3BM5 High Voltage Power Supply 150V 3A S/N 1351 103-127VAC 50-63HZ 8.5A
Sound Technology 1700B Distortion Measurement System
Speaker JVC SP-MXG50 PAIRS (5)
Speaker, Computer, Altec Lansing ACS5 FMW0025789 (2pr)
Speaker, Computer, Altec Lansing ACS90 req 13vdc 2a Power Adapter
Speaker, Computer, Creative SBS380 20W req 14vdc Power Adapter (2pr)
Speaker, Computer, Creative SBW500U 25W Sub Woofer req 14vdc 2.6a Power Adapter
Spectacles, Eye Glasses, Lenses and Parts    Detailed list
  Frame, Insert, Optical, Chem, Metal hooks on temples 6540012538169 10 pair  
  Frame, cellulose Acetate, brown, paddle temples, more than 150 pairs
  Front, frame, spectacle, cellulose Acetate, more than 320 pieces
  Temple, Spectacle, more than 170 pairs
  Lens, Opthalmic, uncut, more than 640 pairs of many prescriptions
Spectral Dynamics SD380 4 Channel Signal (Spectrum) Analyzer
SpectraStar Color Laser with Appletalk?
Stamping Foil Kurz-Hastings P858 ColorIt (5) Rolls P812 (1) Roll
Staple Galvanized 10,000 PIECE case 5562-1-1/2   1-1/2" Long wide crown. (1)
, coated, "U" wire retention, designed for phone wire on porous surfaces. 5/16" x 1/2" deep - 100pieces/box, 125bx/case, 22 cases available.
Stelma Test Set Console 91120065 000 SN 008A
Step Up Converter 15V AC Boost Todd Systems 1BT150 Input 95-110VAC, Output 110-125VAC 15A 50/60HZ
Stock, Butt Synthetic, Rifle, Military M16 (50)
Sun 411 Backup Tape Drive (2)
Sun 911 Desktop STORAGE unit PN 595-3286-01 SN 536G4292 (3)
Sun Data Link Monitor Program floppy discs Chrysler 1984-93, Ford 1983-93, GM 1980-93
Sun MEA-1500 Modular Engine Analyzer 12" Scope 12" VDU Remote DIL-100 DIL-300 Test LEADS & Boom and printer
Sun Model 411 Backup Tape Drive
Sun Model 911 Backup Tape Drive (3)
Sun CR-86 Power Supply (10)
Sun SCSI Backup Tape DriveS (13)
Sun Serial Parallel Controller 540200727131 1P, 7S, 1 Proprietary
Sun SPARC Station 2 147B PN 600-2841-02 2/1992 (3)
Sun Speaker 0063989-9248032547 540-2220-03
Sunpak JVC OR Panasonic memory free Camcorder Battery 6VDC
Superior SLO-SYN M092-FC08 Stepping Motor (2) NIB
Switch Panel 7021011594057 (10ea) each panel has 34 lighted Jay El 10530 Push button switches, ++. Assy M22885/79-101
Symphonic SL-2860 VCR 816-9024
Systron Donner 6054B Frequency Counter 1 MHz S/N 14022-8 Options 13, 18
Tape Ampex 188 L500 Betamax Professional Video Cassette 1/2/3 Hour $1.25/ea in case/20   Ampex_188_Beta_Tapes_2 
Tape Drive Gear, NSN 6680001404575 (3) 774-8022
Tape EMTEC SM468 Audio Professional Recording 1/4" X 625' 5" Reel
Tape, Ten inch x One inch Magnasync Moviola Audio Recording New 3600' Sealed Reels.
Tape, Ten inch x One inch Scotch 3M 8614-1-3600-R134 84-9801-2477-4 Communications logging tape New 3600' Sealed Reels.
Tape Measure, Hand held, 3/4" x 16 feet, Neon Green Tape Measure has all of the latest features. New, Prime, Packaged #0161  $2.99
Tape Quantegy 480 Low Print Audio Mastering Nagra 1/4" X 600' 5"Reel
Tape Quantegy 631 Professional Recording Audio 1/4" X 600' 5" Reel
ape Recorder Reel to Reel, Large, Telecom Voice
Tape Transort Assembly 460-129-001 New (3)
Tape, Insulation, Electrical Fabric backed, solvent Activated(60)
Tarcus/XL Auto-Iris ND-TV Video Lens F1.3/25mm 6 Pin mini-Plug
Tau-Tron Tautron BERTS 25 Bit Error Rate Test Set Error Measurement System Opt 2, GPIB, Printer
Tektronix 465M 100MHz Oscilloscope Kit $199.95
Tektronix 620 Display Monitor
Tektronix TAS-485
Four channel, 200 MHz, Auto setup oscilloscope
Tektronix Twenty Eight Catalogs PDF format on DVD 1953 thru 2012 $19
Tektronix Test Equipment
  Detailed List

Telecluster Hub (11) one with PBX Port
Teleconferencing Technologies 662MD Controllers (2)
TELECT Cross Connect Panel 64 010-0000-4164 New rackmount
Teledyne Analytical Instruments 322 s/n 4444 Meter reads 0-1000 MMhg
Teledyne Analytical Instruments 322-5 s/n 57214 Meter reads 0-1000 MMhg
TeleFlex PC100 Power Converter Custom Power SP 7009-00 NSN 7310014536513  90-132vac 47-63Hz Dual 26vdc 600w out (7)
TelePhone Tester 3550B
TelePhone Transmission Test Kit, HP204C Oscillator, HP353A Patch Panel, HP403B AC VoltMeter in case
Telex Caramate 4000 Carousel Slide Projector w/built in screen and Audio System s/n 183225 like Kodak 270
Telex FMR-2 Wireless RF MicroPhone Receiver (3)
Terminator, Passive, SCSI 50 Pin Mini in PCMCIA Kit
Test Harness, Flapping LVDT Test Cable 901-092-170-101 see W00019-85-C-0145 V22-05D-Q7-1 Vertol
Test Harness, Left Hand Nacelle Position SENSOR Cable 901-092-171-101 901-205-900-101 V22-05D-Q7-1
Test Harness, Right Hand Nacelle Position SENSOR Cable 901-092-172-101 901-205-900-101 V22-05D-Q7-1
Test Sets AN/PSM AN/USM & Military designated test sets
   AN/PSM 64 Program Set, Expansion Cards, Disks, Cables, Carrying case 1285_7315
   AN/PSM 87 Program Set, Expansion Cards, Disks, Cables, Carrying case, manuals 1285_7292 1285_7302 (2)
   AN/PSM 89 Program Set, Expansion Cards, Disks, Cables, Carrying case, manuals 1285_7314
   AN/USM 465B Digital Card Tester Set, Expansion Cards & Hard case 1285_7293 (2)
Test Set Module TR153A 6RX6760-00-071-3988-MF 6760008648339 STEEL case, Cannon/DB CableS LOC:C28(1)
Test Set, Electronic, CableS, 4920003496017 KT-319146, KT-421517-1 Thru 15 Hard case 12 X 10-1/2 X 6
Test Set, Harness W00019-85-C-0145 PN 901-205-900-101 V22-05D-Q7-1 Includes 3 Harnesses + Hard case
Test Signal source 81413-ASSY-211290-000 211121
TheBUS Universal Port Replicator Model 11002 Black PCMCIA Access to video Serial/Parallel Mouse KeyBoard
ThermoPatch RR18 Laundry Stencil Machine creates washable labels for Clothing identidxcfication 1390_8001
Thomas VG-2011 VCR 767-3136
Thruwall Plug, TWO Wire 5805-00-392-6857 P/N 207920 Large Quantity
Timer, Appliance / Lamp Switch. This wall Plug type Appliance Timer can Handle 2000 watts of Power and has two 115vac receptacles.
Timer Switch 120 Second Rotary Dial 10A@120VAC for Nuarc 20X24 Camera
TODD BoostER Transformer 15% rated 15A 1800 VA (4) IBT-150  $29.
Todd SC24-15 Power Supply LR44594 component type custome rectifier 5VDC 115/230VAC 10/5A 500W 50/60Hz
TOPAZ Powermaker 84864 1050VA (1), 850VA (1)
Torch - Piezo Electric Starting Propane Blowtorch  $16.99
Toshiba CD-ROM Laser Reader Drive for Standard PC bay XM-5702B PN 59131-AO CDRIDE036AAWW NIB
Toshiba Tecra 8100 10/100 NetWork Port Replicator Laptop Computer Docking Station $19.95  PA3017U-1PRP
Toshiba XM-5702B New CD ROM Drive P/N 59131-AO Standard PC bay mount.
Trace Engineering Inverter TS424E/B3F 24VDC 400VA 19A TO 230VAC 50HZ hard wired with Battery Cables New
Trailer, Military, leveling hitch for standard 2" receiver allows pulling military trailers with regular vehicles.
Trak Systems 8390 48390-1019-102 115vac Time Code Generator (3)
Transducer, Frequency, AC Input DC Output P/N 369-068 NSN 6625008877813 set may be paired with meter
Transformer, Up/Down 3 kva 1 ph 60Hz 240/480v High / 120/240v Low - Jefferson Electric 211-101 Powerformer 57 pounds (20) $49.
Transformer DN-287J-679510968004 Stepdown Nuarc 20X24 Camera?
Transformer DN-287J-679510968004 Stepdown Nuarc 20X24 Camera?

Transistor JAN2N1613L D/C: P8748 Raytheon 5961008139360 DLA900-89-P-9767
Transistor Devices 5vdc TDR rackmount Power Supply. 4.5-5.5vdc 60A
Transparency Film ArkWright Therma View OverHead (8) BX 100
Transparency Film HP 51630 OverHead (6) BX 50
Transparency Film HP 92296T OverHead (3) BX 50
Transparency Film Minnesota Western MW-440B Infrared Red/Clear (15)X10
Transparency Film XeroGraphiC Clear Side Stripe PCT-D9S 100 Sheet (15)
Transparency Film Xerox 3R 3028 High Speed paper backed (7) BX 100
TRANSPort, Magnetic Tape Cipher 6331R 25/100IPS 1600BPI 120V P880640-90-1025U OPT_B 7025013053656(3)
TRC-700B 6VDC 135MA 120VAC 60HZ Class 2 travelCharger fits Wall Socket and Charges Battery. Sanyo
Trim Router, 1/4" Trim Router Handheld / mounted routing. Great with plywood bit and straight edge guide. New, prime, boxed. #2159 $34.95
TS-1771A/U Test SET RF Power Meter 0-150 WATT
TS-418C/U Generator, Function, Pulse 115V 1PH 50-1000HZ
Tubing 7/16" Clear PVC Flexible thinwall plastic 500' ROLL
U-Bolt Forged 2" x 1-7/8" x 5/8" Clevis lock bar Anchor Shackle "U" Bolt D-Ring (50) $3.00/each
Ultrasonic Processor P/N PR101-000 (27) 341.29 D-14
UNISYS AP9210 Laser Printer Loc stack A
UNISYS B25IHUAD P/N 99-07836 12 Channel Telecluster HUBS 720_9020
Unisys MDM2400 Modem RS-232C req 8.5vac 7025012676143
Universal Data Systems UDS Codex Motorola  $49.95  SA NetWork Modem D56 RM16M
UPS see UPS Uninteruptible Power Supply
Vacuum Pump Gast Model 4BA-1-G482X s/n 0688 Emerson 1/3hp Motor CA55NXCRJ-1776 1390_8570 Recently Serviced $490. (1)
Versitron CDS-10 rackmount
Vibration Meter 1-117 NSN: 6625005714893
Vicon Environmental V8000H Security Camera Housing for CCTV Camera ***
Vicon V16-160A-AC 120VAC TV 1:1.8 16-160MM Zoom Lens System and Burle TC100501 Matched Video Camera
Vicon V390APT 2 axisVideo Camera Pedestal 9 Pin Cannon Plug ***
Vicon V8000H Heated Security Camera Housing with wiper and 2 axis Remote Control Pedestal (2) Vicon V8000H
Vicon Video Camera Controller MNFRM V113APT (3), V100ZF (3), V154AL-M
VideoTek RGB-1 local Chroma Keyer, Remote Port, sync, key out
VII Signal source 1203 Multirate TV Test Pattern Generator W/ Sync source 1303A Quad Rate TV Sync Gen Instrument
VII TV Test Pattern Generator 1203DH Signal source Multirate W/ Wavetek 1801C-50 in huge travel case
Virge S3 3D PCI GraphiCS Card
Vise Grip type Locking "C" Clamps Kit, 3 piece Locking Clamps deep throats allow clamPing far onto parts. New prime stock, #0755 $9.99
Vishay InterTechnology P-28 PorTable Strain Gage Welding/Soldering unit S/N 00042
Vivitar 70-210 F4-5.6 Canon MC Zoom AF C/AF Lens caps on both ends. s/n
Vivitar 80-200 F4.5 MC Zoom 58mm N/AI s/n 28175572
VoltMeter, Electronic, AC, ME-459U orig $970. 6625002290457
VU-DATA 5110 Semiconductor Test Set  (2) 816-9012 Loc GAR   $99.
VW-VBM7E Battery 12V 2.0 AH for Camcorder
Walk-Along Survival Staff  A terrific lighted hiking stick that allows oncoming motorists to see you. $29.95

Wall Plaque, wood composite Walnut laminated 9 x 12 x 5/8 inches mounting horizontal or vertical, new. (30) $4.95
WattMeter / OHMMeter AN/PSM-2A
Wavetek Electronic Equipment Detailed List
Weapon Control Panel, 4 CH, T414 37 P/Cannon Plug NSN 1095000191620(2)
Welding Equipment and Supplies Detailed List
Weather Recorder, Weksler Instruments 08T2PO 8" Chart Dual Stylus PorTable 24 Hour Wind-up
WeatherPRO A/W04-0151 Keypad, Pin TelePhone type Keypad for Code Entry. 9 Wire Cable.
Whitaker - Yardley Power Systems 613000PKS3630 0-50V 10A Power Supply Battery Charger (5)
Wiltron RF Detector 75N50 (NEG) 10MHz TO 18.5 GHz
WINDOWS 98 ME Edition Software in Sealed Packages (3)
Wing-Lynch C41 E6 Small Batch Model 4 Film Processing Machine
Wire & Precision 1660 Triple Outlet DC Power Supply
Wireless GSM Alarm System  Includes Control/Keypad, Siren, Motion PIR, Door/Window Sensor, hardware  $199.95
Wollensak 17MM F2.5 Cine Raptar Viewing Lens
Wood Plaque, Brown Walnut finish 9" x 12" #16P w/black edges Coast Plaque, Inc 9905P0024582805 New (29)
Wood Window Security Locks, 6 sets blisterpaked, $9.95
woodworking tools at bargain prices. WoodWorking Tools
Work Station NSN 5820014589607 (2) 774-8022
Wrench, three size, open end, 1-3/16", 1-18", 11/16" intended for high pressure gas valves and aircraft wheel and strutt servicing
X-10 Electronic Kits and Accessories (134 pcs) New in factory boxes
Xenon 610C Light source
Xerox 220/230ST Copying Machine 818_5592
Xerox Dispenser Wick 094E0014 014993-001
Xyplex MAXServer MX-1640-002 10BASE-T Terminal Server W/ PCMCIA Slot
Xyplex MAXServer MX1600-002 COAX Ethernet 16 Port Terminal Server
Yellow SpringsInstrument Model 71 Thermistemp Temperature Controller
Yanmar Diesel Engines Model L48AE-DEGMR Single cylinder 4.2HP 3.5kW (4)
Zenith - Focus Enhancements A-18755 PCZTV SuperPort Gold Scan Converter Kit Displays VGA/SVGA on TV.
Zenith VR2410 4 Head VCR S/N 33000851 243-803D
Zero Corp Enclosures 21-109164 0124966 03/99 24" X 24" X 35" Double ended Shipping case w/ relief valve $195.
Zytec 22915800 rev K Cabletron M8PSM Power Supply multi-Voltage 6130014243676 (2)


Beautiful BIG Horse Property on the river near Snohomish, WA. about 25 minutes from Seattle.

Wonderful Log Cabin on a river in Washington State, never lived in new, in Snoqualmie National Forest along Rt 2

I've just hit the 75 year mark and have decided to sell out and retire. This site and business are for sale at 35% of the wholesale inventory value of ~ $40,000.
There is about 2500 cubic feet of new and used equipment of all types and it has averaged $2500./month in sales. No reasonable offer would be refused.