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January 05, 2020


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advanced dBase IV by Byers & Heimendinger - Brady Publishing  Used Perfect $5.95
Big Game Records of North america Leather covered "First Edition" NEW by Pope and Young Club $49.99
Crash Course in dBase 5 for Windows Programming by Christopher Green - QUE Publishing Used Excellent $5.95
Creative MuVo TX FM Software support CD for audio players. $4.95
dBase IV tips, Tricks and Traps 2nd Edition by Geo Chou - QUE Publishing Used, Excellent $5.95
hp-agilent 29 catalogs spanning 1955 thru 1988P $ 19.95 free S&H
Mastering Windows 2000 Server by Mark Minasi, second Edition, Pristine unopened copy. $14.95
Parachute Technique and Training CD  a compilation of articles. $4.95
Structured Programming in dBase IV V2 by R. Buchanan - Wadsworth Publishing Used Excellent $5.95
tektronix Catalogs DVD 1969 thru 1998 $ 19.95 free S&H
Visual dBaSE 7 Professional Software CD by Borland. New never registered product. $34.95