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All laptops are PII or older versions. PIII and newer laptops have already been sold.

Seventy (70) Laptop com, see eBay listing  - start price $499  No reserve

Acer  Extensa 712 TE
Acer AcerNote 750C
Apple Macintosh Powerbook 160  (4)
Apple Macintosh Powerbook 165C
Apple Macintosh Powerbook 170 (7)
Apple Macintosh Powerbook 180 (4)
Apple Macintosh Powerbook Duo 230
Apple Macintosh Powerbook Duo 280/280C
Apple Macintosh Powerbook 500
Apple Macintosh Powerbook 520C (2)
Apple Macintosh Powerbook 540C
Apple Macintosh Powerbook 3400C (2)
Apple Macintosh Powerbook G1
Apple Macintosh powerbook G3
AST Ascenta P Series PI
AST Premium Exec 386SX/25
CSS Labs (AMR) E Series Sound Pro (16)
Compaq Armada E700 PIII 500, 576MB Ram, DVD, floppy, Ethernet, USB

Dell 325 SLi
Dell Inspiron 3500 TS30T
Dell Inspiron 7000 (4)
Dell Inspiron 7500 PII (2)
Dell Latitude CPi D266XT PPL 9321C (3)
Dell Latitude CPi R-Series Model PPX (3)
Dell Latitude LM TS30G
Dell Latitude XPi P100SD Model PPS
Digital DigiBook 5033 Celeron
Digital TS30H HiNote VP (8)
Fieldworks FW7600 6 AT slots
Fieldworks FW7600P 3 AT, 3 PCI slots
Fujitsu LifeBook 531T FPC91-0036 PI
Fujitsu Monte Carlo FPC95
Gateway 2000 Solo 2300 PI (5)
Gateway 2000 Solo 2500 PII (1)
Gateway 2000 Solo 5150 PII (1)
Gateway 2000 Solo 5300 Celeron (1)
Gateway 2000 Solo 9100 PI (3)
Gateway 2000 Solo 9100 PII LS-120 DVD (1)
Gateway 2000 Solo 9150LS PII LS-120 (1)
Gateway 2000 Solo 9500 (1)
GridCase 1530
GridCase 1535 EXP w/lower HD access port
GridCase 1550SX 80386+640k_7168k ext, A/C or Battery (3)
Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4150X-881 PI
Hitachi VisionBook Pro 6390
Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7560 PI
HP Jornada 820 F1260A
IBM Thinkpad 2524 730TE w/dock (2)
IBM Thinkpad 2625-2E9 365X
IBM Thinkpad 2625 365XD
IBM Thinkpad 2635 380D
IBM Thinkpad 2635 380Z
IBM Thinkpad 2640-BOU 560Z
IBM Thinkpad 2645-51U 600
IBM Thinkpad 2647-8AU
IBM Thinkpad 9545-HBL 755CD (3)
IBM Thinkpad 9545-HBL 755CX (6)
IBM Thinkpad 9546 760 E
IBM Thinkpad 9546 760 ED (2)
IBM Thinkpad 9547 760 EL
IBM Thinkpad 9549 770Z PII (5)
KeyNote MP-975
KeyNote Ultimate 9200 BM (3)
Micron Transport Trek II NBK U370 PII
Micron Transport Trek II NBK4370 PII
Micron Transport Trek II C NBK U377 PII (2)
Micron Transport Trek II AGP NBK U376 PII (3)
Micron Transport Xpe NBK 1232 PI
Micron Transport NX NBK 1516 MP-989M
NEC Versa 6030X PC-6220-A-1803 PI
NEC Ultralite Versa PC-430-1521
NEC Versa PC-710-1541 V/50
NoteBook Computer
Panasonic CF-27 Toughbook PII w/handle (16)
Panasonic CF-37
Panasonic CF-45 Toughbook
Panasonic CF-47 Toughbook PII
Panasonic CF-61 Damaged lower case
Panasonic CF-73 Centrino (2)
Sager 660
Sager 665 PII 333 Laptop  $100
Sager 6200AT
Sager NS-9540T
Samsung SENS 800
Samsung SENS Pro 520 PI
Sharp Actius PC-A150 PI
Sharp Actius PC-A250 PII
Sharp Notebook PC-9020
Sony PCG-505G
Sony PCG-9G1L
Sony PCG-F250
Sony PCG-F430
Sony PCG-F560 9231
Toshiba Libretto 100CT model PA/1254U-T2R w/Dock(5)
Toshiba Libretto 110CT model PA/1280U-T2W98 w/Dock
Toshiba Portege 300CT PA/1127U PI
Toshiba Portege 3015CT PAP301U
Toshiba Portege 3020CT PAP302U (3)
Toshiba Portege 7020CT
Toshiba T2110CS 350 PA/1179U PI
Toshiba T2110CS 350 PA/1208U PI (2)
Toshiba T2130CS 520 PA/1196U PI
Toshiba T2135CS 520 PA/1196U PI (2)
Toshiba T2150CDS 520 PA/1184U PI
Toshiba 110CS 810 PA/1224U
Toshiba 200CDS 810 PA/1234U
Toshiba 205CDS 810 PA/1234U
Toshiba 320CDT 4.0 PA/1271U (3)
Toshiba 320CDS 4.0 PA/1271U
Toshiba 330CDT 4.0 PA/1272U
Toshiba 4000CDT 4.0 PA/1273U (3)
Toshiba 410CDT 810 PA/1215U
Toshiba 420CDS 810 PA/1225U (2)
Toshiba 430CDT 1.3 PA/1230U
Toshiba Techra 510CDT PA/1232U PI
Toshiba 440CDT 1.4 PA/1241U (6)
Toshiba 440CDX 1.4 PA/1241U
Toshiba 490CDT 4.0 PA/1269U
Toshiba 490XCDT 4.0 PA/1270U (3)
Toshiba 700CT 1200 PA/1214U (4)
Toshiba 720CDT 1.2 PA/1219U
Toshiba 730CDT 2.1 PA/1228U (2)
Toshiba 730XCDT 2.1 PA/1238U
Toshiba 740CDT 3.0 PA/1233U
Toshiba 750CDM 5.1 PA/1259U 1w/Camera
Toshiba 780DVD 8.1 PA/1267U (2) 1w/Camera
Toshiba Techra 8000 PA/T800U
Toshiba Satellite T1910CS/200 PA/1114U
Toshiba Satellite T1950CS/200 PA/1152U
Toshiba Satellite T1960CS/200 PA/1170U (3)
Toshiba Satellite T1960CT/200 PA/1170U
Toshiba Satellite 2065CDS/4.3 PA/5206U
Toshiba Satellite 4080XDVD/6.4 PA/5408U
Toshiba Satellite 4090XDVD/6.4 PA/5409U (3)
Winbook LM TS30GA