Miscellaneous Military Small Parts

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  • Miscellaneous Military Small Parts
  • These items are NEW old stock Military surplus with NSN and other manufacturer part numbers. Photos available for most items on request.
  • 5950006202911_D10-60030-1  Variable Power Transformer 5-1035 0-28v 6A 380-420 Hz
    6930010901384_71244_1873-0500-1 Mechanism Assmbly
    6930010397795_1130-021530_Stay_Pin Metal pin
    6930010177476_A4-221610-90 Insert Plastic triangular prism
    6930009807501_478454_Network_Diff_Comp_Board 17 pin plug-in electronic board
    6930009530809_693482_Bell_Crank_Linkage Aluminum with three holes
    6930008383306_101-37_Flag_Indicator Solenoid Off Flag
    6930007071086_348873_Arm-Latch Two hole slotted detent arm
    6930006705528_610498 Drum Assembly
    6930003008223_604229 Drum Assembly
    6930004814686_1591588_Gearhead Encased Assembly with shaft and lock ring
    6930004069995_M1972-11_Housing+Transistor 5 pin device in plastic sleeve
    6930002243706_Arm Pivot Indicator Mount
    69309630806_693475_Slide_Link metal 2 hole sliding linkage
    69309530807_693477_Linkage_Pin Small toothed metal shaft with lock ring slot
    69309530804_693556_Speed_Brake_Knob Plastic cover over radio switch
    69309269630_500-086_Blade Small flat metal plate with pin arms
    69308968198_36378_Rec_Drive_Tape Long metal band with end loops
    69307669794_275034_Dial_Mechm Geared drive assembly
    69307391757_10066 small plastic round disc with slots
    69307075637_270454 Flat plate with two screw holes and standing pin
    69305186618_2955-0356_Three-Digit-Counter shaft driven counter 0-999
    69303966120_657CK3C_Flange 4 bolt adapter plate
    69302272562_10900-39_Jewel_Assy very tiny brass pin with jewel bearing
    69300724728_Disk_Keyer Flat composit cam disc with slotted center hole
    141207501_Frame_Housing_Plate four hole metal mounting adapter
    4-400-400-DCJ_Flex-Weave_Piston_Seal large rubber hat shaped boot
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