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We carry a large stock of Oscilloscopes at any given time. We buy out labs, companies and military organizations that are upgrading. We have many makes and models including Tektronix, HP, Kikusui, Philips, etc, and specialize in analog models of 5-400 MHz bandwidth.

We have our own tech staff and most of our scopes are repaired, tested thoroughly and sold as complete kits. A kit is comprised of a scope and accessories that might include carry handles, travel covers (front and/or back), pouches, printed or CD manuals, probes, etc. The best value is always a kit.

Calico 7201 7 Screen Rackmount Oscilloscope SET
Hitachi - Denshi V-509 2 Channel 50MHz Portable Oscilloscope 90-260vac 50/60Hz or 11-14vdc
HP 10D-4540 Oscilloscope W/ manual
HP 1200B Dual Trace Oscilloscope 500kHz, 100 uVolt resolution, banana clip terminals. $99.00
HP 54200A Digitizing Oscilloscope s/n 2511A00847 HPIB port w/manuals1389_8118
HP Agilent 54510A Digitizing Oscilloscope 250 MHz dual channel with two new probes $595.
Kikusui COS5060A 60MHz 2 ch Oscilloscope RUD
Kikusui COS5100 100MHz Oscilloscope
Kikusui COS6100M Oscilloscope kit 100 MHz 7 TRACE, 5 Channel 6625011465801 $299.95  KIKUSUI_COS6100M
Leader LBO-315 60 MHz 2 ch mini scope w/12vdc portable option, pouch & cover Orig. $1580.
Leader LBO-518 S/N 5010903 Kikusui COS6100M in LEADER trim.
Philips PM3295A 400 MHz Oscilloscope auto beam finder and screen setup. Orig $8000  Very nice and ops perfect $595.00
Tektronix Tektronix 2246 Mod A Oscilloscope kit $450
Tektronix 2465B Oscilloscope 400 MHz, 4 CH, OPT 46, GPIB, FRONT COVER, POCKET 6625012415276
Tektronix 305DMM Sony Lightweight Portable 5MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope / Digital MultiMeter $179. 305DMM_scope
Tektronix 321A Oscilloscope 120VAC Portable with/10 1.5V NICD BATTERY (4)
Tektronix DM-43 Oscilloscope Multi-Meter Add-On for 400 Series  $ 55.00
Tektronix DM-44 Oscilloscope Multi-Meter Add-On for 400 Series  $ 65.00
Tektronix 465 Clear or Blue Lens
Tektronix 465 DM44 scope SN B050547 816-9708
Tektronix 465B OS-257B/UR Oscilloscope Option 93 S/N B055877 Current Calibration. 1152_8025
Tektronix 465M S/N B035648 1349_8036 RUD, TEK 465M S/N B051202 1349_8037 RUD, TEK 465M S/N B051294 1349_8028 RUD
Tektronix 465M S/N B051508 1349_8026 RUD, TEK 465M S/N B051605 1349_8033 RUD, TEK 465M S/N B051974 1349_8032 RUD
Tektronix 465M S/N B052412 1349_8035 RUD, TEK 465M S/N B052413 1349_8031 RUD, TEK 465M S/N B053151 1301_8010 RUD
Tektronix 465M/USM425 100 MHz 2 CH Oscilloscope 6625-01-032-6914 S/N B010622 $225.00 Tek_465M_kit
Tektronix 466/DM43 100 MHz 2 CH STORAGE Oscilloscope S/N B092730
Tektronix 466/DM44 100 MHz 2 CH STORAGE Oscilloscope S/N B111544
Tektronix 475 Oscilloscope S/N B016474 896_0505 RUD
Tektronix 485 scope 300 MHz
Tektronix 7104 1 GHZ Mainframez Oscilloscope option 3 s/n B074351, B020927 (2)
Tektronix 7603 Mainframez RM Oscilloscope 100 MHz B051073Orig $1857. 3 BAY 5-1/2" CRT
Tektronix 7613 Mainframez Oscilloscope 100 MHz 3 BAY 5-1/2" CRT
Tektronix 7623A Mainframez Oscilloscope H705387 B101940 100 MHz 3 BAY 5-1/2" CRT
Tektronix 7633 Mainframez Oscilloscope 100 MHz 3 BAY 5-1/2" CRT S/N B226472
Tektronix 7704 Mainframez Oscilloscope 4 BAY 150 MHz 5-1/2" CRT
Tektronix 7704A Mainframez Oscilloscope 200 MHz 4 BAY 5-1/2" CRT B216960
Tektronix 7834 Mainframez Oscilloscope 400 MHz 4 BAY 5-1/2" CRT B022341
Tektronix 7844 Mainframez Oscilloscope 400 MHz 4 BAY 5-1/2" CRT
Tektronix 7844R Mainframez Oscilloscope 400 MHz 4 BAY 5-1/2" CRT (4) 816-6827
Tektronix 7854 Mainframez Oscilloscope & waveform Calculator Opt 3, 2D B063804
Tektronix 7903 Oscilloscope 3 BAY Rackmount 500 MHz (15)
Tektronix T935A 35 MHz 2 Channel XYZ Oscilloscope SN B024186 120-240VA 50/60 HZ
Tektronix TAS485 4 Channel 200MHz Digital Oscilloscope S/N B031641 W/5 EMPTY CARD SLOTS AT REAR.
Tektronix TAS485 4 Channel Oscilloscope S/N B031641 MARCH AFB 886_8357 274.
Vu-Data 4100 scope 100MHz 2ch mini Oscilloscope w/pouch s/n 1035


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