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CmdrDick's Pump Stuff   
  I T E M S :

BETA Systems EMD Liquid Dispensing Pump 50GPM @ 60' Head, DC Motor
Bosworth GH-0400D Diaphram Pump $45.00
Flux-Gerate GmbH Fuel Main Booster Pump 011.10.000 011.80.066 28vdc 13A typ F11-3 4320123244032 4320123459899 New (3) $75
Fuel Pump, Centrifugal, High Output, PorTable, 24V 818_4153
Gast Vacuum Pump Model 4BA-1-G482X s/n 0688 Emerson 1/3hp Motor CA55NXCRJ-1776 1390_8570 Recently Serviced $490. (1)

General Electric Fluid Controls Div Electric Motor Driven Rotary Hydraulic Pump
Hydraulic Pump Unit Integrated Motor/Pump assembly Eastern-Midland 3/4 HP 115/230vac 1 phase
ITT Vacuum Pump model GH-3VL 1/4HP 115vac 60 Hz 1725 rpm 7.4A Pulls a solid 29" vacuum. Wt 31 pounds
Nuarc JL98 High Power Vacuum Pump with Foot Pedal from 20 X 24 Copy Camera 115VAC 11.5A
Pump, March #903, Dual Head Photo Chemical pump designed for Eastman Kodak 115vac 50/60Hz (6)
Rhine Air NF 18-1 Breathing Air Pump S/N06656 2 Outlet 115VAC 12PSI 850.00 818_8071
Rotary Vacuum Pumps, Inc Model 4501-U Two Stage Rotary 9cfm 120v 60Hz 1ph 4310011593314 New, serviced.(3) $425.
Singer Vacuum Scavenging Boost Pump 6300 392A107-63008AC 208/230VAC
Vacuum Pump Gast Model 4BA-1-G482X s/n 0688 Emerson 1/3hp Motor CA55NXCRJ-1776 1390_8570 Serviced $490. (1)


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