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  F E E D B A C K :
  • Be fair! Our feedback policy is firm. If you bid and don't pay, you WILL get a negative, regardless of how many retaliatory negatives we receive. Buyers can see thru that nonsense. We have over 2000 positive sales on our combined sites and do everything we can to please. If your account shows less than 10 positive transactions, or a significant percentage of negatives, contact us before bidding, as we reserve the right to cancel your bid and/or re-list the item.


  C O R R E C T I O N S :
  • If you have corrections or more details about these items, please contact the seller via email at eMail Link. Thank you.
  • Don't get sniped. Most folks these days use a service like AuctionSniper to automatically bid for them just five seconds before the auction closes.
    We receive lots of complaints from folks who thought they had an auction locked, and lost it at the last second to a snipe bid. Buyer beware!


  S H I P P I N G  A N D  P A Y M E N T  T E R M S :


By bidding in this auction you have READ & AGREED to the following conditions and all terms below:
Attention International buyers: There is no method to track Postal shipments outside the USA. For this reason, you must accept that our total responsibility for shipping is to furnish a copy of the US Postal receipt showing that we have dropped the package at a US Postal Station. We can accept no responsibility for loss beyond the US border. If you do not agree with this policy, then please make your own shipping arrangements and have your agent pick up the item locally.



All auction items including packing & shipping charges are to be prepaid before shipment, no later than 15 days after close of auction. NO COD's
We accept most normal forms of payment in US funds. We do not accept credit cards, please use Paypal.Com if you need to pay by credit card. If you are unsure, please ask. Paypal.Com has worked well for International Payments.
PayPal is accepted for all payments under $500 but governed by PayPal policies.

If you can not arrange payment thru these methods, then contact us to see if we can find another acceptable method. Bidder is responsible for all International Tariff, border fees, etc.
We reserve the right to hold shipments paid by company or personal checks until checks clear. 
The eMail auto responder you receive after the sale is a generic message from the auction server.
If you attempt to use a Paypal "PAY" button to pay for your purchase, but the quantity, amount, or some other detail is incorrect, no problem. This happens occasionally when there is a part of the transaction that the Paypal button or invoice can not handle, like "Free shipping on Buy-it-now" purchases if shown.
If your auction had a detail that needs to be corrected try to use the -Adjustments- entry to make a total dollars correction.
If this does not seem to handle the problem, go to Paypal.Com and enter the information manually by selecting "Send Money". If any of this is necessary, please leave a note in the Paypal notes box with your payment to flag the item for our attention. If you overpay, do not worry. Just let us know and we will refund the over-payment as soon as we see it.

We will ship to foreign addresses, but not to all countries. Contact us for terms before bidding if you will desire foreign shipping. The US Postal Service no longer accepts foreign Parcel Post / Economy packages. Boxes must go via International Priority Mail. This is a much more expensive option than we had in the past. Plan accordingly. Local pickup is available on most items. Most shipped items will be packed using bubble wrap and or foam.
Heavy items will be packed using double boxes and or foam wall to insure safe delivery. Additional Packing Materials will be invoiced at cost. Shipping is NOT a profit center for us. We do everything in our power to package and ship per your instructions. Our responsibility ends when we deliver a package to the shipper and furnish you with a copy of the receipt. We will do everything in our power to process damage/loss claims for you, however, we act only as your agent in matters pertaining to transportation. Responsibility for shipper loss is the buyers burden.
A packing slip will be provided with every shipment. We use USPS Mail, FEDEX or UPS at your discretion.
Insurance may be available, but you MUST request it before payment. It is your responsibility to check the unit immediately upon delivery for transportation damage. Should you receive the shipment with damage it will be your responsibility to handle the claim with the shipper. In such a case, please retain all packing material and notify the carrier immediately.
We appreciate your business and strive to treat you the same way that you treat us.

Auction winners will receive an auto responder email from eBay within 24 hours of auction end listing our checkout details.

AS-IS and Guarantees


 Unless there is a specific paragraph in the features column that states GUARANTEE, and the guarantee terms, this item is listed in AS-IS condition and no returns will be allowed under any conditions.
"Powers Up" only means that the unit was plugged in and there were indications that the unit responded in some way. An illuminated power light is such an indication.
Below are reasons why items may be listed AS-IS:
    - We do not do any testing to determine operational status due to lack of accessories, manuals or knowledge.
    - Man hours for testing at our shop rate would exceed expected sales price.

While we do our utmost to provide an unbiased and accurate description about the condition of the unit, your assessment of the condition or appearance may be different. Therefore, please scrutinize the photos and description and ask any questions before the end of the auction. If this auction has a specific return policy listed, you must contact us within 5 Business days after you receive the item to avail yourself of that option. No returns accepted after 15 days.
We offer shipping only as a convenience to you. The buyer accepts full responsibility for all transportation expenses both ways. If no specific return policy is listed in the FEATURES column, there is no option for returns.



Florida bidders are required to pay 7.8% sales tax unless an acceptable resale certificate is provided. You can attach a copy to an eMail and submit it with the auction number and your complete address.

Any accessories, manuals, etc. that are included are itemized in the FEATURES section of the auction listing.
If an item is not specifically listed, it is NOT included



We are in the office from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Mountain Standard Time from Monday to Friday. If you send us an e-mail over the weekend, you may not get an answer until the following Monday. If you call and I do not answer, I'm probably deep in the warehouse where the cellular signal can't penetrate. Please leave an eMail. I try hard to at least respond by the same evening. I may not have an immediate answer, but we will be working on it.

Still have questions? Email us at


If you are satisfied with your purchase, please tell others by leaving a positive feedback for us and we in return will do the same for you.
Our feedback is processed at month end by an automatic program, and it pretty much leaves the same type of feedback as we received. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please tell us, so that we may address the problem. We very rarely have to leave a negative feedback due to a non-responsive or non-paying bidder, but we will do so if we do not get a response after 3 e-mails or payment within a reasonable timeframe.






W A R R A N T Y - G U A R A N T E E :

All sales are final 7 Days after arrival.  Absolutely No Returns after 15 Days. Used electronic items are sold as-is unless specifically stated otherwise in writing.
Any money back guarantee only applies on the item price.   S&H is non-refundable.  "Buy-It-Now" free shipping applies to completed transactions.  Refunded transactions are debited for actual S&H charges incurred. All packages are insured by the carrier or a1main Sales for your protection Any presumed defective units must obtain an RMA # before return. Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and insurance. Units returned will be tested. If found defective a replacement will be shipped immediately.  Units returned and found not to be defective will be dealt with at buyers expense.  We mark and seal our products, then record serial numbers before shipping.   If you tamper with anything, you immediately loose all rights of return or refund.








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