Sony U-Matic 5000 7000 9000 Series Square Drive Repair Belt Kits

All kits include these Sony part numbers;
3-653-387-00 Smallest - Cassette Elevator belt
3-672-737-01 Medium - Tape Transport / Load Ring belt
3-668-785-00 Largest - Forward / Rewind belt

Sony deck stripe

All kits include fresh newly manufactured square rubber belts which are identical to the belts that were supplied with Sony machines. Sony designed the drive pulleys to accept square belts which have a much greater surface contact area than round belts would have. Using O-rings as belts can damage your equipment. O-rings are made of a 90 durometer rubber which is hard. Using O-rings as belts requires selecting a smaller diameter belt to get enough friction to turn the pulleys. This in turn causes more loading and heavy wear on the pully bearings and uneven tracking.
Sony has not manufactured replacement belts for the U-matic series for many years. As a result, any belts found in Original Sony packaging are likely very old and will probably not last long, if at all. Our belt kits are produced NEW from fresh mandrel cut stock and these parts are priced lower than the $10 per belt that other sources charge for inferior products. Buy parts that are virtually identical to the Original Sony specifications. We guarantee satisfaction and every kit comes with instructions and a link to installation directions and color photographs.

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  F E A T U R E S :
  • Sony Belt Kits for the professional 3/4" U-Matic Tape Player/Recorder/Editing machines.

  • If you have a bunch of old 3/4" U-Matic tapes that need to be transferred to another format, then you need a reliable machine to accomplish that. A lot of time has passed and these tapes loose quality every day..
  • The absolute best method is to obtain a computer board with video and audio IN ports and play the tapes into your computer. Then you save the video footage in digital form which you can edit till your hearts content with no further signal loss or degradation. If your 3/4" machine provides good Video / Audio output signals, consider yourself blessed. Sony has had a nightmare of a problem with these older machines becoming un-useable as they get older. No-one is making 3/4" tape machines anymore. The sooner you plan to get the video footage onto a modern storage format, the easier it will be to find suitable equipment.

  • Many of the service problems that we see on these 25+ years old decks are related to the drive belts. Rubber belts stretch, get hard and brittle and eventually break, or no longer provide proper tension to rotate the pulleys.
  • There are three square rubber belts on these models, one on the cartridge loading transport, one on the tape to head positioning transport and a third on the tape wind/rewind mechanism. If the cartridge loading mechanism does not move smoothly you probably need the first. If the tape does not wrap itself around the head, you probably need the second. And if the tape cartridge does not turn or turns sluggishly, you probably need the third belt. A loose cartridge drive belt will cause tracking errors and eventually shut down the editing. Tape damage could result from improper loading!
  • Another problem can come from a split or missing transport idler tire on the tape cartridge drive. This tire is easily replaced by stretching a new one over the hub.
    Don't take chances. Put fresh belts in your equipment before attempting to load tapes, and always use unimportant tape when testing. Once a tape get creased, it is almost impossible to remove that damage.

    BELTS: These kits contain three or four square drive rubber belts/tires needed to replace all of the drive parts in any 5000, 7000, or 9000 series machine. Complete service instructions with photos depicting how to replace each belt properly are included. If you are handy with simple hand tools, you can replace these parts yourself. No special equipment is necessary. Save hundreds of dollars in service fees while making your machine load and track smoothly.

    These belts / tires are available for the following models in standard and deluxe kits;
  • VO-5000, VO-5600, VO-5630, VO-5800, VO-5850, VP-5000, VP-5020, VP-5030, VP-5040
  • And other models starting with VO-5_ _ _? or VP-5_ _ _?
  • VO-7000, VO-7020, VO-7030, VO-7040, VO-7600, VP-7000, VP-7020, VP-7030, VP-7040
  • And other models starting with VO-7_ _ _? or VP-7_ _ _?
  • VO-9000, VO-9600, VO-9630, VO-9800, VO-9850, VP-9000, VP-9020, VP-9030, VP-9040
  • And other models starting with VO-9_ _ _? or VP-9_ _ _?
  • All 5000, 7000 and 9000 series and many of the BVU decks use the same exact belts and it makes no difference if they are NTSC, PAL or Secam machines. There are only very slight differences in installation due to upgraded drive components. The same install instructions are shipped with all of our belt kits.

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    Repair Kits to USA addresses only, arriving as First Class Mail.
  • Repair Kits to CANADA:
    Canada no longer allows merchandise to arrive as First Class Mail. Parts now ship via Priority Mail packaging at a S&H rate of $23.95 for any quantity of kits or parts.
    Repair Kits for International / Foreign country delivery
    Shipping: $32.95 is only charged on the first kit. Additional kits ship free.
    Shipping Fees should only be charged once per order, but the Paypal Cart may not handle combined orders very well.
  • If the Paypal cart charges more than ONE S&H FEE per total belt order, please just ask us for a corrected invoice.
  • If you are in a hurry to get the item(s), just pay the amount asked and ask for a refund of the overage back to your Paypal account.
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    Each Repair Kit includes freshly manufactured NEW, not old stock, square drive belts or tires with printed installation instructions.
    Color instruction photos are available as downloads. The link will arrive with your parts order, on the written instruction sheet.
  • If you still have problems after replacing the belts, carefully remove any hardened lubricants from the mechanisms, and re-lube with a VERY SPARSE amount of sewing machine oil. Never use sprays, as it can come in contact with optical position sensors and create numerous problems. The two tall spindles that rotate the tape cartridge are especially prone to corrosion which induces friction. Remove these and polish their posts then lube before re-ssembly. If the mechanical parts move smoothly, and the electronics will not function, then an electrical problem is probably indicated. The largest part of the problems that we have encountered are bad / old capacitors, or cracks in the traces on the boards.
  • Sony tried a new gel inside their capacitors back when these decks were produced. It seemed fine for 10-15 years and then many capacitors started swelling and failing due to the corrosive nature of the gel. The only thing that can be done in this case is tracing signals and replacing bad components. This is a very slow and costly fix. But, please don't toss the equipment. It is getting more valuable every day, for parts if nothing else. eBay is a great source for parts and we still have a significant stock of U-matic parts except for new heads.
  • Remember this. Never try to edit or record using these old U-Matic decks. Use your machines remaining head life ONLY to copy your existing tapes onto a digital format. Once there, your videos can be edited with modern equipment that can save them at the highest quality level. Then sell the hardware to the next person that has tape that they want to preserve. There are no heads or other life parts available for this equipment today, and there are still HUGE librarys of U-matic tapes out there. Remember that these decks were the PRIME machines used by the TV and broadcast industry worldwide. Once the working machines fail, the tape libraries become worthless. Do the world a favor and treat these remaining decks tenderly  
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