BullFrog Tadpoles

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Bullfrog Tadpoles

The bullfrog is a large species in the family Ranidae;
it can grow to a length of 9–15 cm (6 inches) with a weight of up to 500 g (one pound), the largest frog in North America.
Females are typically larger than males.
They are generally varying shades of green or brown, with dark brown, dark green, or black blotching and a yellow or white underside.
Their booming bass call is heard from mid-June to July.
She extrudes her eggs in a huge film like mass on the surface among the water lilies.
Bullfrogs have as many as 20,000 eggs each year! Baby bullfrogs, which are called tadpoles, take about two years to become young bullfrogs.Tadpoles hibernate in the lake bottoms. The bullfrog season is short.
By early September most of them are hibernating in the muddy pond bottoms.
Our Tadpoles are well taken care of and have an excellent survival rate.

These interesting animals will capture your attention.
It often seems each has a personality of it's own. Enjoy seeing these tadpoles change almost daily as they reach for there goal of becoming adult frogs. Nature has many wounders and the life cycle of these tadpoles is surely one of them!