Water  Lilys


Hardy Lilys

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The Hardy Water Lily is the jewel of the water garden.
Known by its smooth edged leaves and brilliant flowers which sit close to the surface of the water.
The flower of the hardy lily is elegant and fascinating. Once the flower bud reaches the surface of the water, it will open in the morning and close in the evening for several successive days. These lilies are also the staple of the water garden. They develop pads early in the season to provide shade and cover, then with sufficient sun and fertilization, they will flower with fantastic color. Hardy Water Lilys are the only pond plants native to every USDA hardiness zone in North America. Please read our "How-To" guides that accompany every shipment of pond plants.

Tropical Lilys

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Tropicals can normally be identified by the scalloped edges on their pads and flowers on stems high above the waters surface. Tropicals are available in many colors not available in Hardies, including blues thru purples. Tropical lilies are often thought of as rather delicate plants, best left to the 'experienced' water gardener. This is far from reality. With a little effort you can propagate and display your tropical lilies, year after year, as reliably as you do your hardy lilies. The primary key is water temperature. Tropicals need 70 degrees plus to avoid dormancy. Tropical tubers can be removed from the roots and stored above freezing until spring.
Please read our "How-To" guides that accompany every shipment of pond plants.